Welcome 2017/2018 TVCC Board of Officers; Farewell Outgoing Officers

By Dian Lawhon, Communications Chair.


Ashley Teel (L in photo above) former TVCC President, relinquished that position following approval of a new TVCC Board of Officers at the recent member meeting (50th Anniversary Celebration at Hiwassee River Sept 9th).   As we welcome the new board, we need to offer a huge vote of thanks to Ashley for her leadership and commitment to the club over many years as President and in many other roles.  Lucky for us, she has promised to continue to support the club in the many activities and events planned for the next year and beyond.  Rebecca Hendrix (R in above photo) has also served TVCC in many positions and was lead planner and implementer for the 50th Anniversary celebration.   Other departing board members deserving a big round of applause are: Kristin Evans, outgoing AVP;  Ali Reddington, outgoing Secretary;  Mike Shillinger, outgoing Safety Chair;  John Hubbard, Conservation Co-Chair; and Stephanie Whiting, outgoing webmaster.   Officers are all volunteers and must be re-approved and/or replaced every year.



Please click on the name of each 2017/2018 Board member below to learn a little about them such as their love of paddling/nature as well as some thoughts about what they hope to accomplish on your behalf this coming year.




President Heather Curry




Vice President Meryl Stark




Asst Vice President Rachel Roman




Secretary Betsy Westerfield




Treasurer BG Smith




Safety Chair Paul Moyle




Communications Chair Dian Lawhon




Conservation Chair Michelle Hollingsworth




 Webmaster Timothy Jordi




Flatwater Cruisemaster Eric Fleming




Overnighter Cruise Master Carolyn Rand




Whitewater Cruise Master Class I/II   Pat Carver




Whitewater Cruise Master Class III/IV+  Stacy Stone




Non-paddling Cruise Master  Cat Vogel