Paul Moyle Takes on TVCC Safety Chair

Narrative and Photo By Paul Moyle


Greetings fellow paddlers!   I began paddling in 2012 after i decided to give up golf – FOREVER.  Currently, I paddle whitewater kayak, but am interested in learning how to canoe.  In 2017 he received his certification from the American Canoe Association as a level 4 swift water rescue instructor.    My favorite rivers are the Natahala River and the Tellico River.



I live in Cleveland, TN with my wife, Lauren and our three-year-old daughter, Elizabeth.   I came here from North Palm Beach, FL, but have also lived in Boulder, CO and Birmingham, AL.    I am a trial attorney with the Public Defender’s Office in Cleveland.



This year, I would like to offer several safety workshops before the club’s spring swift water rescue course in hopes that these workshops will provide a low-stress introduction of basic rescue skills to beginners as well as an opportunity for experienced paddlers to practice perishable rescue skills.  Possible topics would include tying knots, throw rope use and maintenance and introduction to mechanical advantage systems.



If you are interested in river rescue or how you can help keep the club’s on-water activities as safe as possible, please feel free to contact Paul by email: