General Info

May 31-June 2, 2024

Adventures Unlimited
522 US Hwy 64
Ocoee, TN  37361

GPS: 35.1227, -84.7070

Base camp is at Adventures Unlimited (AU). Registration Check-In, Meals, Mandatory Safety Brief, Entertainment and Auction are all at AU locations. You will meet your instructor and class safety team at the Bus Bar immediately following the Safety Briefing on Saturday morning about 9:00 AM. Classes are held on the Hiwassee and Ocoee rivers and classes will head to the river locations between about 10-11:00 AM.

When arriving at AU for Paddle School, proceed to the covered picnic pavilion that is across the parking lot from the bathhouse.  A large TVCC sign says “Check In Here

  • When arriving at AU for Paddle School, proceed to the covered picnic pavilion that is across the parking lot from the bathhouse.  A large TVCC sign says “Check In Here
  • TVCC volunteers at check-in will have a swag bag for you with all the Paddle School essentials and anything you ordered:  T-shirts, meal tickets, raffle tickets, camping wristbands, etc.  Ask for yours by the Name you Used to Register!
  • If you ordered something through the Non-Paddler and Extras process, it will also be available at the Check In pavilion.
  • Anything you ordered and requested to be shipped will be sent the week after Paddle School.
  • It depends! Did you register for primitive (van/tent) camping with us through the Paddle School registration process or with AU for RV camping? In all cases you need to pre-register for camping! See our Lodging & Meals page for details.

    When you arrive at Paddle School, you’ll check in either with us (tent/car camping) or AU’s office (RV camping). Our registration desk at Check-In will confirm your camping accommodations and provide any additional details or answer questions you may have. Silicone camping wristbands are required to be worn while in the campground if you are a primitive camper using TVCC Paddle School discounted arrangement. The wristbands will be found in your swag bag.

    Click here (goes to AU’s site in a new tab) to see AU’s lodging rules. Scroll to the bottom of that page to the section labeled Camping FAQs.

    In addition to AU’s facilities, TVCC will be providing extra portapotties.

    For Bus Bar menu and rules, click here (goes to AU’s site in a new tab). There is no cover charge for Friday of Saturday nights at Paddle School.

    If you are under legal drinking age for Tennessee, you will be required to wear a special wristband issued by security as you enter the Bus Bar both Friday and Saturday nighhts.

    TVCC is an all-volunteer organization. Nothing gets done unless someone volunteers to do it! Paddle School is our biggest event all year and needs a little bit of help from a lot of people to make it work!

    If you are having a serious medical emergency Dial 911

    TVCC maintains a First Aid Tent near the bathhouse for minor issues. If you are injured on the river your instructor will initiate appropriate action to include terminating the class to tend to the injured paddler.

    • Render First Aid on scene as appropriate using available capabilities.
    • Escalate as situation dictates
    • Use available communication capabilities to relay info about the situation to appropriate response agencies.

    Rescue Services in Ocoee

    W. Polk County Sheriff:  423-338-4540      

    W. Polk County Fire & Rescue: 423-338-4539

    Hospitals with 24/7 ER

    • Tennova Healthcare: 2305 Chambliss Ave NW; Cleveland TN (10 miles from AU)  
    • Starr Regional: 886 Hwy 411 N; Etowah, TN  (21 mi from AU)

    Now that you had a great time at Paddle School, it’s time to practice those skills regularly. Check out our 2024 Whitewater Training Trips schedule. Registration for each trip will open a few days before the event.

    Lodging and Meals

    You’ll be able to order dinners for Friday and/or Saturday night as part of the registration process. Some special dietary needs can be accommodated. Breakfast and lunches are handled on your own. Remember that lunch will be on the river during class time!

    Check out the Lodging & Meals page for the dinner menus and other local options.

    Registration and Purchases

    All students, safety boaters, instructors, and guests must sign up online by clicking here. Unlike previous years, registration this year is one person at a time. If you want to register multiple people (e.g. you and your non-paddling guest) you will each have to fill out a registration form.

    There will be no in-person registration.

    There is no minimum age for paddle school.  We ask parents and guardians to assess the ability of their children to attend.  We offer a Kids Club class in Paddle School.  It is a co-ed class of kids ranging from 6-14 years old typically.  It is run by some of our best instructors with kids of their own that are either in the class or have been through the class.  It is a very popular class. 

    The challenge for parents/guardians will be to find proper fitting gear for your child so that they gets the most out of the training and are not frustrated by a poorly fitted boat/PFD/paddle, etc.  We offer an outfitting service at paddle school on Friday evening near the bathhouse.  It’s free and they can make adjustments to equipment as necessary. 

  • No, everyone must pre-register online. This ensures our classes have a safe ratio of instructors to students.
  • The base cost for a student is $75. Registrations after May 12 will incur a late registration charge. Please see the Registration page for full pricing details.

  • Send an email to either:
  • If you find out you can’t come to Paddle School, please send an email to either:
  • Please read the cancellation policy on the Registration page for refund details.

    Yes, if you are attending Paddle School as a student, instructor, or safety boater you must be a member in good standing for the duration of Paddle School. Guests don’t have to be members, but we highly encourage them to join as we know they’ll fall in love with the sport after this weekend!

    We will be checking membership and informing you if you need to update your status – no exceptions. This is required for our event insurance.

    You are welcome to bring a non-paddling Guest or non-paddling Family Member to Paddle School.

    You must register them on the TVCC website using the Guest registration form. This is an insurance requirement. Buy them a nice T-Shirt and a meal while signing them up!

    Schedule, Class Info, and Gear

    Check out the Schedule page for all details and the Class Info page for class descriptions. In addition, you’ll receive a copy of the schedule in your swag bag when you check in.

    • Normal camping gear, food, personal stuff for 2.5 days (if camping)
    • Paddle gear and paddle clothes for 2 days
    • Dry clothes after coming off the river.
    • River essentials:  dry bag, water bottle, sunscreen, hat or helmet, good water shoes, normal safety gear for your type paddling (1st Aid kit, pin kit, etc)
    • Your lunches for Saturday and Sunday on the river (lots of water!)


    • Helmet 
    • PFD (Personal Flotation Device) 
    • Spray Skirt 
    • Paddle 
    • Boat

    Flatwater Classes and SUP

    • PFD (Personal Flotation Device) 
    • Spray Skirt (optional for flatwater course)
    • Paddle 
    • Boat or SUP ( and air pump if inflatable!!)
  • Bring the boat you want to learn in, train in, practice in. You can bring multiple boats if you want to try a different boat on the second day. Some boats are more appropriate for certain water conditions than others.
  • Your instructor can answer some questions for you once you are assigned. Contact us if you have any specific question or concerns about boat choice.