Concept: Packing for 1 person, you the paddler, not packing for entire crew on your trip! Each paddler is responsible for their own safety and well-being. In an emergency .. sure, share, but each person should should pack for themselves. Reach for your kit first when badness happens!

  • Combination Kit – 1st Aid Items & Basic Survival Items
  • Waterproof Box (such as Otter Box or Pelican Box)
  • Kit Total Weight – approx. 3 lbs

First Aid Supplies:

a. Surgical Gloves

b. Bandages

c. Band-Aids

d. Gauze pads

e. Surgical Tape

f. Betadine Solution/Swabs

g. Aspirin

h. Benadryl (Bee Stings)

i.  3″ X 3″ Nylon Material to make a sling (Parachute Cloth or Similar Material works great)

j.  EPI Pen** if needed

Communication Tools:

a. Waterproof Notepad – (available at: Lowes or

b. Pencil (not a Pen) (Pens don’t work in cold weather!)

c. Flashlight

d. Whistle

e. Cell phone

f. Tin Foil – (Flatten to make a signaling mirror or fold to make a cup)

Fire Making Supplies:

a. Waterproof Matches

b. Bic Lighter

c. Magnesium Fire Starter

d. Fire Tinder (Dryer Lint/Pencil Shavings)

Repair Supplies:

a. Knife/Small Multitool

b. Duct tape

c. Sewing Kit

d. 10’ Parachute Cord

e. Super Glue

f. Screws and Small Hardware

Other Items:

a. Compass

b. Emergency Poncho

c. Water Purification Tabs

d. Wire Saw