Interactive map of Chattanooga Area Water Trails.  Click the expand box in upper right corner of map to go to full screen view. Use your mouse to zoom in or out as required.

Comprehensive view of access points for Chattanooga area water trails. Includes Points of Interest (POI) where services like camping, restaurants, and outfitters (rentals, shuttles, tours) can be found. USGS river gauges are also shown. Some sightseeing opportunities are included. Suggestions and edits to this guide are welcome. Contact Eric Fleming, for suggested edits, copy of data, or additional information.

DISCLAIMER: When paddling, be prepared for high or low water issues, wildlife, possible portages, blockages, current (strainers), and other challenges. USGS river gauges are shown where available and can be used to check current conditions. Everyone is responsible for their own safety. Do not attempt a trip without the appropriate skills, equipment, and supplies. River miles are approximate and measured from the Mouth of the river (indicated for all waterways). Use River Miles data at various points along the same waterway to calculate approximate trip length for the planned paddle. Subtract the River Miles values to determine the length of a trip.

USGS River Gauge Information

USGS river gauges near Chattanooga are shown on the map and in the table below.

A comprehensive map of all USGS Streamflow gauges and data is available at: 

River Gauge
Description & Location
Gauge Number Gauge Link (Click link )
Chattanooga Creek, Chattanooga, TN 3568400 USGS 03568400
Conasauga River, Eton, GA 2384500 USGS 02384500
Coosawattee River, Carters Dam 2382500 USGS 02382500
Lookout Creek, New England, GA 3568933 USGS 03568933
N Chickamauga, Thrasher Pike, Mile Straight, TN 3566535 USGS 03566535
Oostanaula River, Calhoun, GA 2387520 USGS 02387520
Oostanaula River, Resaca, GA 2387500 USGS 02387500
S Chickamauga Creek, Airport, Chattanooga, TN 3567500 USGS 03567500
S Chickamauga Creek, Ringgold, GA 3566700 USGS 03566700
Sequatchie River, Whitwell, TN 3571000 USGS 03571000
W Chickamauga Creek, Dietz Rd, Lakeview, GA 3567340 USGS 03567340

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