The purpose is to provide a means to coordinate amongst members to enhance the TVCC experience. For example, this directory could be used to search for members that live geographically in your area so that you could coordinate a ride-share to an event such as a paddle trip.

DISCLAIMER: This directory is for the express use of TVCC members only. Any abusive use of the information contained in this directory for the purpose of soliciting, marketing, spamming, phishing, defaming, or other criminal intent against TVCC members is cause for immediate dismissal from the Club and loss of all member privileges. If any financial or libel (defamation) harm was committed against a TVCC member, or in general against the Club, the facts and circumstances will be referred to appropriate law enforcement officials for further action.

How to use the SEARCH feature for the Member Directory

Enter information in a single block of into multiple blocks to filter the content of the Member Directory, then click the SEARCH button. For example, you could enter your Zip Code to find all members that live in the same Zip Code. You could further refine the search by entering the Zip Code and also entering a selection in the Interests drop down block, “Whitewater” for example, to identify Whitewater paddlers in the Zip Code area.

Member Details

Click the “Details” button to the left of each Name that is returned by the Search function to see the members phone number and email.


The Handbook provides a quick reference of all the benefits and features of TVCC.