Get to Know New TVCC President Heather Curry

Narrative and photo by Heather Curry



I live in Middle Valley Tennessee with my hubby of 15 years and utilize my Bachelors of Science in Nursing as a means to purchase large pieces of floating plastic and gear. (smile)



My boating history began with the purchase of a sit-on-top kayak for a meander with the Manatees in Crystal River, Florida. After a foot injury left me restricted from mountain biking and hiking for 3 months; I was introduced to the wonders of white water boating during TVCC Paddle School in 2014.  Not only did I find a new path to fulfill my adrenaline needs; TVCC assisted me in developing the skills to enjoy a week-long paddle in Costa Rica in 2016.



My most memorable trips with TVCC have not been strictly due to the success of the rivers I have paddled, but more so from the depths of relationships I have been blessed with over the last 3 years. Bonds of friendship that leave the river to share the woes of life, consume great food and beverages, making pretty glass jewelry, pounding out the dirt with knobby tires, and now training for an epic hike to the basecamp of Everest, Nepal Fall of 2018. If you haven’t caught on, being an active member of TVCC can open the door to endless possibilities!



As newly elected President of TVCC; I am a firm believer that without change there is no progress. I am also a firm believer that voiced concerns should be accompanied with possible solutions. With that said, I am eager to hear from those who have any questions, concerns or ideas beneficial to TVCC and or our community, both on or off the river. I can be reached via