BG Smith Returns to TVCC Board as Treasurer

Narrative and photos provided by BG Smith


Hi, I’m BG Smith, your TVCC Treasurer since December 2016 and proof that you can teach an old gray-haired dog new tricks!  My winding road to Chattanooga started in Western New York long ago along the Niagara River.



After stumbling and fumbling my way through 2 prior careers, as an Air Force pilot and systems engineer at the MITRE Corp, I now find myself as “CEO” of a great leisure enterprise called retirement!  My typical week is six Saturdays and a Sunday.  Perfect!



Having spent a lot of time around water and being the poor/broke owner of an ever changing fleet which has included power boats, sailboats, rafts, and kayaks, it is great to finally settle on a hobby!  I now have 3 whitewater boats (TVCC has inspired me to go for it before my body rejects my youthful intentions!), a couple flatwater boats, a duckie, and a very lonesome powerboat!



I would love to see TVCC reach out to a younger crowd, get them excited about paddling, and get them on the water.  Dian (Lawhon) and I live in Ooltewah, TN with a small menagerie of animals.  Our 4 sons and 3 grandkids are scattered across the country.  Door is always open.  My sincere thanks to everyone for their support this past year.  SYOTR!