Pat Carver moves from Conservation to TVCC Whitewater Class II/III Cruisemaster

I’ve been a member since 1999. Since that time I have been the President, Vice-president, Assistant vice-president, treasurer, conservation chair-2 years and currently the class 2-3 cruise master. I’ve organized roll practice off and on for 4 years. I’ve lead training trips and have attend paddle school every year since 2000, either as a student, assistant instructor, support boat or instructor. I’m a first responder, 1st aide and CPR certified, I’ve attended 3 SWR events, I’ve never missed a rescue rodeo, and most every year I have supported the Big Brother/Big Sister raft trip-organizing it one year. I’ve also supported many events such as the Girl Scout Raft Race,and local triathlon’s, I’ve initiated many 1st time events, I’ve been the trip coordinator and led many trips on the Cartecay, Toccoa, Hiwassee, Nantahala, Tuckasegee River, and led and coordinated a Florida trip.


Most of all, I love sharing the joy of being on the water, spending time outdoors and time with the new old friends I’ve made through TVCC. If you’re interested in helping lead a 2-3 trip or have a suggestion for the next river we should visit, please feel free to contact me at: