Cat Vogel Takes on Non-Paddling Cruisemaster for TVCC

Narrative and Photo by Cat Vogel.


I started paddling when I was in high school in the Whitewater Kids club with Outdoor Chattanooga and been at it on and off since. Lately, I do more whitewater and SUP paddling but I have led multi day canoe and sea kayaking trips.




My most memorable paddles were either taking a swan down the Ocoee or the first time I ran the Tellico.  I really had no idea what I was in for, but the river was at around a foot and Spence wanted to eat at Tellico Grains, so we went. I don’t even think I had a roll, but no swims, just a hand of god by Spence around Jared’s knee.




I live in North Chattanooga and have worked For Chattanooga Outventure teaching kayaking and now I work in water quality for the City of Chattanooga.





As an officer, I would like to add more informal events, especially in the off season to keep up with people and get to know others better.  Members can reach out to me if they have a non-paddling event idea or would like to host a monthly happy hour.