Approved at Board meeting March 17, 2015

Any organization/event interested in using TVCC as a

source for volunteer support boaters shall submit, at

minimum, a written proposal to the TVCC board at least

two months in advance of the event. This proposal must

include the details of the event, and number of volunteers

requested. It is highly encouraged that a representative

present such a proposal in person. Based on scheduled club

events and predicted volunteer availability, the TVCC

board will make a decision as to whether or not the club

will officially volunteer to provide support boaters for

such an event.

When the board approves support boaters for an event,

the event organizers must understand that TVCC is a

volunteer organization and although the best efforts will

be made to provide the requested number of support

boaters, nothing is guaranteed.

The four events that are historically part of the TVCC Training Trip Schedule will remain unchanged and will be our priority for coordinating volunteers:

●   Sports Barn Triathlon
●   Waterfront Triathlon (Chattanooga Track Club)
●   Big Brothers Big Sisters Rafting
●   Girl Scout Raft Race