This is a one-day course, taught on the Hiwassee River.  It is designed to give new and less-experienced paddlers some basic river resuce skills and make you a more confident boater!  We put this event on each year in the middle of paddling season just for you.  It works and it’s fun!


  • Course Contents: 
    • Basic First Aid and Rescue Breathing
    • Deep Water Boat Reentry & Recovery
    • Properly Towing a Swimmer (and how to be a swimmer getting towed!)
    • Proper Equipment Recovery Techniques
    • Properly Throwing/Catching a Rescue Rope
    • Proper Swift Water Wading Techniques
    • Boat Based Rescues
    • Proper Rafting-Up techniques, and …
    • YES –  Whitewater Swimming (you will swim Devil Shoals!)

All classes are taught in a “challenge by choice” style.


  • Details:
    • Basic plan is: land-based classes in the morning; Grab a quick lunch; Hit the river all afternoon!
    • Bring all your paddling gear (min of 5 items!) or make your own arrangements to borrow what you need
    • You will be assigned to an expert-led small group; Each group will paddle to different training stations on the river and practice the planned rescue skill(s) at each station 
    • At the end of the day there will be an awards ceremony, dinner, and lies will be swapped till it gets late!
    • Bring a side-dish to support the dinner;  TVCC supplies the main course and primary re-hydration refreshment! 

See the EVENTS page for 2019 date.  Course is usually held in late July.

Registration will be announced and opened shortly after Paddle School 2019 is over (May 31-Jun 2, 2019).  Watch this page and TVCC Facebook page for announcements and updates.