Who We Are

Tennessee Valley Canoe Club is a 501(c)7 tax exempt organization of 1000+ members based in Chattanooga, TN.

Read the club’s bylaws.

Our Mission

The Tennessee Valley Canoe Club brings together those interested in canoeing, kayaking and related activities; increases the knowledge, safety and appreciation of paddle sports for those who are interested; and supports conservation and preservation of recreational waterways.

Club Activities Include
  • Whitewater and flatwater kayak and canoe training.
  • Whitewater and flatwater river trips for all skill levels.
  • Water safety and rescue training.
  • Extended canoe and camping trips.
  • Annual and monthly meetings.
  • Community service.
Where to Send Mail

Tennessee Valley Canoe Club
P.O. Box 23772
Chattanooga, TN  37422
Phone: (423) 708-5460

Board PositionName of OfficerEmail
PresidentHeather Currypresident@tvccpaddler.com
Vice PresidentCat Vogelvp@tvccpaddler.com
Assistant Vice PresidentVacantassistantvp@tvccpaddler.com
TreasurerBG Smithtreasurer@tvccpaddler.com
SecretaryKristin Evanssecretary@tvccpaddler.com
Communications OfficerDian Lawhoncomm@tvccpaddler.com
WebmasterDavid Riallwebmaster@tvccpaddler.com
Conservation OfficerMichelle Hollingsworthconservation@tvccpaddler.com
Safety OfficerPaul Moylesafety@tvccpaddler.com
Training OfficerMike Shillingertraining@tvccpaddler.com
Cruise Master 1 , Class II/III Pat Carvercm1@tvccpaddler.com
Cruise Master 2, Class III/IVRobert Hailecm2@tvccpaddler.com
Cruise Master 3, OvernightersCarolyn Randcm3@tvccpaddler.com
Cruise Master 4, PaddleboardsChris Gibsoncm4@tvccpaddler.com
Cruise Master 5, Flatwater, Class IEric Flemingcm5@tvccpaddler.com
Committee Positions
Non-Paddling Cruise MasterEric Stearnscm6@tvccpaddler.com
QuartermasterScott Painterqm@tvccpaddler.com
Ocoee Race DirectorJen Maxwellocoee@tvccpaddler.com