Trip Leaders must ensure all participants sign. Minors must have the signature of their legal guardian. When the trip is over, please mail the waivers to the club secretary within one week (see address on form). 
If there is time before the trip and participants can be reached by email, send them a copy of the waiver ahead of time– if they aren’t comfortable with it, they can make other plans.

After the trip safety-brief, review the waiver with a little spiel saying the following: “I have in my hand a waiver of liability for everyone to sign. It says that you (the participant) waive the right to sue us — TVCC and anyone on this trip — if you get hurt, unless we do something intentional or really, really ignorant to hurt you. We want you to participate in this trip, but we’re not forcing you to. If you do want to participate, though, you MUST sign the waiver. Thank you.”

Download the liability form here.