Your Turn to Volunteer

This weekend offers several opportunities for members of TVCC to give back to the club, to other paddlers and to the children of our community. First and foremost, Saturday is the date for TVCC’s annual Rescue Rodeo. I’m sure Mike Shillinger would welcome a few more support boaters and paddlers who can assist with teaching White Water rescue and survival skills. He can be contacted at 423-618-8587
Contact Rescue 2
On Sunday, there are two different ways for you to volunteer. If you have had Swift Water Rescue Training then TSRA would certainly appreciate your help. Woody Woodson at TSRA needs a couple of SWR grads and Instructor types  to help with their SWR class on the Ocoee this Sunday… at the island by the commercial takeout.  Their lead guy, Jim McCool has had to waive off unexpectedly and they are kinda short-handed. You can contact Mike Shillinger regarding this one as well.

This Sunday is also the annual Big Brother / Big Sister Raft Race. No matter what your skill level might be, you have the opportunity to either serve as a raft guide or a support boater. Please contact Jim Ledbetter @ (423) 322-3691 if you’d be willing to help introduce some great young people to the world of paddling and help them to have a memorable day while having fun yourself.

No matter which event you choose, this is the weekend for you to step up and volunteer.