West Chick Creek – Reeds to Dietz

26 paddlers met at the Reeds Bridge put in at 10 am on June 25th on a sunny 99 degree day.
We ran shuttle and put on for the 2.5 hour trip down to the Dietz Rd take out.
It’s a narrow and mild Class 1 creek with high banks and trees on both sides which keeps it pretty shaded. It’s so close to civilization, and yet you’d hardly know it as the high banks also block out the surrounding farmland.
We stopped half way down for a break on an old road bed which is pretty handy as it’s flat and not muddy.
Prior to the trip BG, Dian, and I did a run to make sure it was clear due to the low water from being 7 inches below normal for the year, which exposed some stuff that was under water when we cleared it in April.
We did a few improvements, and also came across a bunch of turtle eggs that had been dug up by a raccoon or something. It had quite a feast.
I was very happy to see how many other paddlers were on the creek. The word is definitely getting out there that it’s one of the best creeks in the area,( I think it’s the best) and it was very rewarding to see so many people enjoying it now after all the hard work we did clearing it last year for the first time ever.
A barred owl came flying along the creek and then up into the trees. It was the first time I’d seen an owl on a paddle. While clearing the creek in April we also came across a white domestic duck (think Aflac!!) that looked like it was doing just fine in the wild.
Afterwards most of us went to the nearby O’Charley’s for a grand meal and to rehydrate. They have been very good to paddlers about using their parking lot to access the new ramp behind the restaurant.
A great group as usual. Thanks to everyone who helped run shuttle, lugged boats etc., which made it a smooth running trip.