Welcome 2018 with a Full Year of Flatwater Paddling!

TVCC kicks off the new year with a long list of flatwater paddling opportunities as well as whitewater trips, so mark them on your calendar so you don’t miss some great time on the water with fellow TVCC members.  




All trips are rain or shine.
C indicates Class 1 conditions.
S indicates a one way paddle and shuttle.
All dates and places are subject to change.
Everyone is responsible for their own safety.
Club policy is PFD’s (life jackets) must be worn.
All paddles are in TN unless otherwise noted.
Notify trip leader in advance, the check your email the night before for changes.
For more details go to Events and then Flatwater on this website.

12/27-1/1       Juniper Springs Overnighter, FL. Ben.
1/6                  Sandhill Cranes, Hiwassee Refuge. Eric.
3/31               Harrison Island ruins. [Tyner]. Eric.
 4/21               Oostanaula. Calhoun, GA. [C], [S]. Eric.
4/28               Soddy Creek. Eric.
5/12               Sale Creek. Eric.
5/20               Half Ironman support boaters. Buck.
5/26               Conasauga River, Dalton, GA. [C],[S]. Eric.
6/1-3              Paddle School. Eric.
6/16               W. Chick, GA. Mill to Reeds.[C], [S]. Eric.
6/24               Downtown Triathlon support boaters. Taylor.
7/7                 BBQ and TN River sunset paddle. [S]. Eric.
7/21               S. Chick. Greysville, GA to Camp Jordan. [C],[S]. Eric.
8/4                 N. Chick and Lock Through. [C], [S]. Eric.
8/18               BBQ and sunset paddle to bat cave. Eric.
9/1                 S. Chick. Shallowford Rd to Sterchi. [C],[S].  Eric.
9/8                 GSRR. Lower Hiwassee. Support boaters. [C], [S]. Taylor.
9/15               Richland Creek. Dayton, TN. Eric.
9/29               Ocoee. Dam 1 to 2 Rivers CG. [C], [S]. Eric.
9/30               Full Ironman support boaters. Buck.
10/6               River Rescue cleanup. Michelle.
10/13            TVCC Open. Ocoee ww races. Jen.
10/14            W. Chick, GA. Reeds to Dietz. [C], [S]. Eric.
10/20            William’s Island. Eric.
11/3               W. Chick, Chickamauga, GA. Above the Mill. Eric.
12/8              Christmas party.
12/27-1/1     Florida Springs.

Eric Fleming.   598eric@gmail.com