TVCC receives $650 grant from Ironman Foundation

Volunteers are needed for  the Women’s World Ironman on Saturday, September 9th, and for the Men’s World Ironman on Sunday, September 10th


By Buck Meyer
Captain of Water Safety and TVCC member



Recently TVCC received a $650 grant from the Ironman Foundation to help promote and support the mission of the club. The grant was awarded to TVCC in recognition of the club’s support of the Chattanooga Ironman 70.3 (Half Ironman) race, which was held in May. Over 20 TVCC members gathered on Race Day at 5:30 AM to participate as support boaters along the swim section of the triathlon. The club also provided four marine band radios owned by the club. The Chattanooga Race Director and the Chattanooga Water Course Director both expressed their appreciation of the club’s efforts, especially the experience, expertise and skills that TVCC paddlers have on the water, in swift water rescue and safety in general.



There are three more Ironman races in September which will be supported by TVCC. Each Chattanooga race is an opportunity for the club to participate in the Ironman Foundation grant program. On Saturday, September 9, the World Championship Ironman 70.3 for the women will be held, followed by the men’s edition of the World Championship Ironman 70.3 on Sunday, September 10. These two races are indeed World Championships, with athletes from over 70 countries competing. Nearly 5,000 athletes are expected to swim, bike and run across Chattanooga. Obviously the dates aren’t ideal, as this is the same weekend as the 50th celebration, but rest assured, anyone who volunteers will have plenty of time to get to other activities planned for the big party. This is a big honor for Chattanooga, as it will be several decades before the World Championship 70.3 will be held in the United States again.



On Sunday, September 24, Chattanooga will host the fourth Ironman race of the year, with a regular Full Ironman race. This is another grant opportunity for the club, if a good number of members help as support boaters. The swim course is twice the length (2.4 miles) as the other 2017 races, requiring double the number of support boaters as the other three races needed. A good showing by TVCC members will greatly support the grant application, and enhance the amount awarded to the club.



To all those who volunteered in May, many thanks for your efforts. For those who are helping in September, thank you in advance for providing a safer environment for the swimmers.



If any members (or their friends) wish to volunteer:




Chattanooga will be at the center of the world stage during the largest IRONMAN 70.3 event in history – the 2017 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship. This year’s championship, the first year it will be a two-day race, will bring a record of more than 4,500 athletes from around the world. They range in age from 18 to 86 and represent 91 countries, regions, and territories.

Here is the link to Register for Ironman Support Boater.
In the Search Box type TVCC to find the Support Boater link for Registration, or just scroll down.
It’s very important that you Register through this link so that the club gets credit for our participation.
The club will get rewarded based on the number of paddlers we have at the event.
If you get a friend to go with you they don’t need to be a member to use this link either.
We’ll be on the water from 6 am till about 9.30 am for the swim section of the Ironman.
If you have questions contact Club Member and Ironman Support Boater Captain Buck Meyer.
You can also contact me. Eric Fleming.



For more information, details or assistance, contact Buck Meyer (Captain of Water Safety and TVCC member) at



TVCC members have an impressive record of stepping up to help and we know you will come through again!  Thank you in advance!!!!!!