The TVCC Christmas Party was a great success!


TVCC kicked off the 50th Anniversary Celebration in a great way on December 10, 2016 at the Green Space on Main Street in Chattanooga, TN. The 50th Anniversary Committee worked hard beginning in early spring to gather names of Legacy Members and their addresses, pictures and videos that we could use to celebrate our great club. The party kicked off a year of new activities fit for all ages young and old. Just wait for the rest of the events TVCC has planned.


The Green Space was the perfect location. We had plenty of room for everyone, it was easy to find and the parking was good.


I was so happy to see the older members that showed up for the party. There was Jean Dolan who helped start the club. She is a wonderful lady of 101 years’ young. It was such a pleasure to speak with her. Then there was Don Bodley who I had not had the pleasure of meeting before. Diane and Steve Mayes were very active in the club when I joined the club back in 1992. Diane was president of the club for many years and did a great job with the help from the early members.


Another member in attendance was Jim Fortune.  When he was active with the club, he taught hundreds of members how to roll, leading the roll practice for many, many years. He also lead members down many different rivers to help introduce them to the wonders of paddling. He was a wonderful teacher.  He would tell you the lines and make it look so easy and always be there for a rescue if needed.


Uwe and Carl Zitzo, who are still active members, were also at the party. They have been with the club for well over 28 plus years.  Daisy Blanton and Mrs. Jerry Crandell were there to honor their husbands, and Karl Sodergren attended in honor of his dad, all of whom were active members years ago.


John Kern put together a wonderful video of Legacy Members paddling and then of the now active members paddling. It was so cool to see the old boats and gear and how they have changed over all these years.  I can’t wait to see the final version.  I know it will be great. I know I missed several Legacy Members, but I wanted to say how very special it was to see so many of them again as well as all the new young members who are keeping TVCC going and growing.


TVCC has come a long way in all these years. I have had the pleasure to watch it grow and become so much more than just a paddling club.   For example, the club helps to support local interest such as taking donations at the Christmas part for West Polk Fire and Rescue to help the victims of the recent tornado. The club rose over $1000.00 to help the area we all love.


My hat is off to everyone who put this event together.  You all did a great job. What a wonderful turn out. It just shows the TVCC is one big happy family and a great club to belong to–You make friends that will last a life time.  I am so proud to say I have been a member of this club for some time and very much enjoyed meeting all the Legacy members.  I thank each and every one who took the time out of their busy schedule to come out to the Christmas party to the kick off of TVCC 50th Anniversary celebration.  I also hope everyone enjoys the 50th Anniversary Celebrations that are being planned for the entire anniversary year.


Hope you all had a very safe and Happy Holiday season.


By Rebecca Richard