The Paddler Tattler – Summer 2021

Volunteers Needed:
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Hiwassee Rafting Aug 1st

TVCC needs your help to make sure that the Big Brothers Big Sisters group has an amazing time rafting on the Hiwassee! Please volunteer to guide a raft, or support from your kayak, canoe, or SUP. This event is a great opportunity for us to share the river with members of the greater community, and is an incredibly rewarding volunteer event.
Plus, it’s the day after Rescue Rodeo, so you’ll already be camped at Hiwassee Outfitters. Drink some coffee, eat some breakfast, and then help some folks have a memorable day!
Pat Carver is the trip leader for this event; more details are available on the website:

Fall Member Meeting
September 11th

Mark your calendars for TVCC’s Fall Member Meeting on Saturday, September 11th!
Location is TBD.
We will be holding club elections for the 2021-2022 year.

Update Your Membership

When your membership expires this year, you’ll need to do things a little bit differently to renew – You will need to update your membership level to the new model.
To change your membership type go to then login to your account, then click “My Account” in the top right corner. On the my account page there is a section that says “Membership Level”, click the change level button underneath that section and change your membership type to the appropriate level and complete the form. For detailed visual instructions on how to do this please click this link:

Click Here for Detailed Instructions

When renewing please take care to note what a “family membership” includes. A family membership includes a couple and their children which are under the age of 18 who reside in the same household. This includes married couples and domestic partnerships only.
Meryl Stark ( can help you with membership-related questions.

Ironman Volunteers Needed:
Sunday, Sept 26th

Ironman Triathlon in Chattanooga needs YOU as a Water Safety Volunteer!
The Ironman triathlon race will be held September 26, with athletes jumping into the Tennessee River shortly after sunrise. This will be a Full Ironman race sometimes known as IMCHOO. It has been well supported in the past by TVCC members and the Chattanooga paddling community. 130 Water Safety volunteers are needed to support the swimming portion of the triathlon.
The athletes will swim 2.4 miles downstream to Ross’s Landing. Our participation is crucial to the safety of these swimmers, who by and large are runners or bikers first, and are swimming so they can do what they really prefer. Paddlers in canoes/kayaks/SUPs are needed to be on the water, each in a relatively fixed location along the swim course, to be available for whatever is needed to assist a swimmer. Typically this takes the form of allowing the swimmer to hold on to the bow of your watercraft while they resolve their issue. The most common issues are equipment adjustments, anxiety, muscle cramps or just needing to rest. While it is easy for a biker or runner to stop and sit on the curb to recover, this isn’t possible while swimming unless there is a canoe/kayak/SUP nearby. Water safety paddlers provide the “curb” while they are in the water, allowing them the opportunity to finish the swim and head to the road on their bicycle.
No special medical training is required to volunteer. You do not need to be an EMT, pass a first aid or CPR test, or have any specific credential to participate. You do need to have your own watercraft/equipment, and feel confident in handling your canoe/kayak/SUP in the kind of minimal moving water which is typical of early fall on the Tennessee River. TVA will throttle back the outflow from the dam, making it easier to keep your boat positioned. Watch the sunrise (yes, the swim is early) and then marvel as thousands of flailing arms approach you from upriver. Once the first swimmers come past you, it will be non-stop action for the next hour or so. It’s really impressive.
Yes, you will receive a t-shirt for your efforts, a headlamp if needed (since we will leave the ramp before sunrise) and a safety whistle for communication. There’s food after we get off the water.
Your participation is crucial to the continued financial support provided to TVCC by the Ironman Foundation through their Volunteerism Grants. Join the team for IMCHOO at

You do not need to enter a password. TVCC membership is not required to volunteer, so ask your friends and neighbors too. However TVCC members generally have the skills, experience and training that provide a safe environment for the swimmers. For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact Buck Meyer at
Mark your calendar – September 26 is the Ironman race.
Additional opportunities to volunteer for the race (many of which do not require starting your day before sunrise) are available here:

If you like meeting people from all parts of the country and even the world, Athlete Check-In is a great opportunity to represent Chattanooga. For those who want to be in the middle of the action, either of the Finish Line volunteer positions will be a lot of fun and full of energy, especially when the very last finishers complete their day of racing just before midnight.
Thank you for supporting this event, Chattanooga and these athletes.

Upcoming Flatwater Trips

Saturday, 8/7: Ocoee Dam #1 to 2 Rivers Campground, Dentville, TN

We will be paddling the Ocoee, it’s 12 miles (with current) and a 3 hour paddle. This is dependent on dam release. Susan Carroll will be the Trip Leader.

Saturday, 8/21: Nickajack Sunset Bat Paddle

We will be paddling to the Nickajack Bat Cave, lights are required as we will be returning in the dark. This is usually a picnic paddle. Susan Carroll will be the Trip Leader.

Saturday, 9/4: Conasauga River, Beaverdale to Norton Bridge (Near Dalton, GA)

This is a 9 mile paddle of about 3.5 hours, with lunch. Susan Carroll will be the Trip Leader.

Camp Jordan to Shallowford
Trip Report


July 11, 2021
by Eric Fleming
Eighteen paddlers met at 10 am on July 11, 2021 at the lower Camp Jordan ramp for our 5 mile paddle down to Shallowford Rd on the S Chickamauga Creek.
We ran shuttle, put on, and after 2 miles came to the big sewer pipe that runs across the creek.
We took a break before portaging the pipe. The portage went smoothly with great teamwork, and the group continued down to the take out.
We had a few rain drops but otherwise a great day for a paddle.
With all the mature vegetation along the high banks it really doesn’t feel like you’re right in town.
David Pond provided us with some great photos. I’ve previewed a couple; more are available here.

Are you into Social Media?
Are you creative?

TVCC is looking for a special person who loves to post on Social Media!
This individual would need to be good at writing, design and photo editing. If this is you and you would like to help TVCC get the word out to members, please read on.
TVCC needs the right person to get news such as upcoming events and reports out to members on a regular basis. In the past we have used Facebook, our website and a newsletter primarily for outreach platforms. However, it is possible these are not the only, best ways to keep members informed. With the new year, perhaps it is time for a very forward looking person to move TVCC into better and more effective information delivery. If you would like this challenge, we need you. Please contact Darren Caputo ( for more information.

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