The Paddler Tattler – Sept. 1, 2022

September 1, 2022 Volume 54

The Paddler Tattler

TVCC Annual Member Meeting now
September 17th,

Please note the change of date

The member meeting includes the election of the Board of Director Officers for next year, a look ahead at next year, and highlights of last year. A cookout provided by the club with sides by those coming will start the meeting. Registration on the TVCC website is needed by Sept 10.for food count. The ,meeting will be held at Adventures Unlimited, Saturday the 17th; starting with the food extravaganza at 5:30 pm.

September Calendar of Events (and Early October)

Sequatchie River Flatwater Trip, Sep 9
Ocoee River Training Trip, Sep 10
Girl Scout Raft Race Support, Sep 10
Hiwassee River Flatwater Trip, Sep 17
Swiftwater Rescue Clinic, Sep 17 and 18
Fall Member Meeting, Sep 17
Elk River Overnighter, Sep 24 and 25
Ironman Event On Water Safety Support, Oct 25
Tennessee River Rescue Cleanup Service Project, Oct 1
Ocoee Race, Oct 8
Go here to register for all TVCC events

Message from TVCC Vice-President

Dian Lawhon

Please join us on Sept 17th for the TVCC annual fall member meeting. While it IS a business meeting, it is also about getting together with fellow paddlers and sharing some good food and good company and maybe even some tall tales from times on the river. Please register NLT Sept 10th so we have an accurate count for food at: Additionally, we will need to know if you want a burger or a hot dog (contact Beth at
During this meeting, we will share some of the success stories from the past year as well as some thoughts about where the board of officers want to take the club in the next year. It is also the time when you can provide your thoughts and recommendations.
Each year, the officers that manage the club are up for election/re-election. You will have the opportunity to vote on the incoming board members. See you there!

The Proposed TVCC Board Of Directors For 2022/23

As Well As
Those Departing The Board.

President – Dian Lawhon. Served as VP (managed paddle school) and Acting President for the past year
Vice President – Steve Lamb. Steve is a highly skilled leader who did an amazing job soliciting donations for 2022 Paddle School.
Treasurer: BG Smith. BG served as TVCC Treasurer in the past and did a phenomenal job managing what can often be a challenging position. He has also served as flatwater cruisemaster.
Secretary – Anthony Crutcher. Anthony has served on many volunteer boards over the years and brings that wealth of experience and knowledge to the TVCC BOD.
Communication Chair – John Hubbard. John has served in almost every position on the TVCC board over the years.
Webmaster: TBD (Volunteers are needed)
Conservation Officer: David Riall. David has served on the board for a number of years as webmaster handling the toughest issues including transitioning Wild Apricot to Neon One. He has helped with the outgoing Conservation Officer for the past 2 years and is the ideal candidate to step into that role.
Safety Officer: Rob Theurer. Rob has served as safety officer for several years and we are blessed to have him stay on for at least another year.
Training Officer: Carl Schoonover. Carl has done an amazing job on the board over the last year. He was a critical part of the PS22 Planning Committee and stepped up at paddle school as safety officer in addition to other work he was already doing for the school.
Cruisemaster 1 – Class II/III: Stacy Stone. Stacy has served for multiple years on the TVCC board and introduced many initiatives into the WW program. Welcome back Stacy!
Cruisemaster 2 – Class III/IV: Steve Courtney. Steve did an amazing job planning the classes/assigning instructors, support boaters and students for PS 22. He continues to plan class III/IV trips over the paddling season. (in addition to the training trips planned by Carl).
Cruisemaster 3 – Overnighters: Ben Johnson/David Liegh. Ben is an indispensable member of the TVCC board. In addition to leading overnighter trips, he supports SWR, Rescue Rodeo and other training, including PS22. He was grill master at PS22, bringing his own, giant grills. David Liegh provides invaluable administrative support for Ben.
Cruisemaster 4 – SUP: Liz Young has agreed to return for another year as the TVCC SUP cruisemaster. She developed the first ever SUP program for TVCC, including teaching a class at PS22.
Cruisemaster 5 – Flatwaterr: Eric Burnett. Eric is stepping in to fill some big shoes left behind by Susan Carroll, but we know he will handle it with his usual expert dedication. Eric will be leading a team of trip leaders and designing trips for members with different skill sets and interests. We hope to better meet the paddle desires of different TVCC members.
The above positions are all voting members of the club. The following committee positions are non-voting, although their input is important.
Non-Paddling Cruisemaster: Beth Johnson. Beth manages the most important part of our social meetings and paddle school – the meals! This is a lot of detail and hard work but she makes it look effortless.
Quartermaster: Scott Painter. Scott also has a tough job keeping track of the hundreds of items in our storage, which are constantly changing.
Ocoee Race Director/Competition – Cat Vogel. Cat has done amazing work over several years, organizing the Ocoee Race as well as paddle school. We welcome her back for another year.
Outgoing BOD members:
We will be saying goodbye to the following board members. We hope to see them soon serving TVCC in other positions.
Buck Meyer – Treasurer
Kathy Cusick – Secretary
Graham Stein – Communications Chair
Dixie Riall – Conservation Chair
Greg Foster – CM 1.

Newsletter Table of Contents

Girl Scout 36th Annual Raft Race is Sep 10, TVCC Safety Support Is Needed
Chattanooga Ironman Race is Sep 25, TVCC Safety Support Is Needed
TVCC River Cleanup Service Project is Oct 1
Forty-One Members Attended TVCC August 6 Social at Quest Expeditions
A Diversity and Inclusion Initiative
TVCC Supports High School Athletes On Water Experience Aug 3
Big Brother Big Sister Hiwassee Raft Trip Sponsored by TVCC in July
Another Successful Rescue Rodeo Completed In July
Three River – 3 Lake TVCC Overnighter Trip, Aug 12 to 14
Chickamauga Lake Trip, July 17
Parksville Lake Trip, Aug 6
S Chick Shallowford to Lost Mound Trip, Aug 20
TVCC Thanked in Big Way for Providing Water Safety Support
Eric Fleming’s Eight-Year Creek Clearing Project
New Montgomery Whitewater Center Construction Drone Footage
Our Sponsors
Our Board of Directors and Contact Information

Girl Scout 36th Annual Raft Race is September 10th

TVCC Safety Support Is Needed
By Momma T

Support boaters are needed for the 36th annual Girl Scout Raft Race on September 10.
The Girl Scout Raft race is Saturday September 10 at noon at the Hiwassee take out in Reliance. This is an event which TVCC has supported for more than 30 years. The girls build their rafts of bamboo and inner tubes and decorate them. They are judged on quality of lashing, decoration and speed from the Hiawassee take-out to the 411 bridge. It is a fun relaxing afternoon on the Lower Hiwassee, entertaining and being entertained by the Girl Scouts on the rafts. We will meet at noon with your equipment: boat, life jacket, throw rope, water, snacks, etc. We will run shuttle as quickly as we can so we can assign each support boater to a raft. They like to have two rescue boats per raft. It looks like there will be a big turnout since last year it was canceled and many were disappointed. So far about 16 or 17 rafts are planning to come. So we need lots of support. Now is the time to paddle the Lower Hiwassee if you have not done it. Now is also the time to support Girl Scouts and future paddlers to help them learn about TVCC.
Please email me at with questions and to sign up for a fun lazy float. I ;ook forward to seeing all my old buddies there. Long time no see! Love, Momma T
Please note, register by contacting me directly at my email address.

Chattanooga Ironman Race is Sep 25

TVCC Safety Support Is Needed
By Buck Meyer
Do you like paddling your SUP, kayak or canoe? Of course you do! Do you want to be part of a group that helps provide a safe experience for others attempting to achieve their athletic goal? YOU are needed as a Water Safety Volunteer!
Please note. You do not register through TVCC. Register directly with Ironman for water safety support here.

TVCC River Cleanup Service Project – October 1st

By David Riall
Registration is open for the October 1st River Clean up. The club will be clearing the west Chick creek in Camp Jordan, starting shortly after 9 am at the first take out at and ending about noon at at the 2nd take out. Registration is required in order to get a t shirt. Canoes or boats with large cockpits are the best to bring. Bring your water bottle as water will be provided along with snacks. There will be prizes.

Sign up to order your t-shirt

Ashley Teel Stacy Stone Kathy Gardner

Forty-One Members Attended TVCC August 6th Social
at Quest Expeditions

By John Hubbard

On Saturday August 6th, TVCC members arrived from multiple locations: their homes, a paddle on Parksville Lake and the Lesser Wesser Messer annual event on the Nantahala River. They came for good food and good times as well as the chance to hear from former board members about the importance of becoming involved in leading TVCC. Quest Expeditions Rafting near the Ocoee hosted the event. First came hamburgers and hot dogs with all the trimmings plus baked beans and coleslaw to get us in the mood – catered by Apricot Café, the restaurant at Quest.
Buck Meyer, our Treasurer, was emcee and introduced the speakers. First was Ashley Teel who was Vice-President in 2015 and then President for the next two years. Next was Stacy Stone who was on the Board for five and half years she said, including three as Cruisemaster for class III/IV whitewater from 2016 to 2018. Kathy Gardner, 2020 Secretary was the third speaker. Many thanks to our speakers. All talked about giving back to the club to keep it great by serving on the Board. All three had reached out to the Board to say they wanted to be on the Board. New people and new ideas are what keeps the club fresh, they all said.
In between the speakers two TVCC shirts from the 2022 paddle school were given away to Anthony Crutcher and Pat Carver. Pat called out that her winning ticket ended in 007. Maybe her middle name is Bond? Following the speaker we heard blue grass music by Rick Hall, a raft guide for Quest. Corn hole and volleyball were available to play. We talked, socialized, and ate watermelon till almost sundown.
We also reached out to those present to ask what people thought of our club – what we do well, what we could do better, and what else we ought to do. Fourteen returned the survey. A couple of the responses included 1) recruiting young people, 2) a better way to find out about trip activities, 3) outreach beyond the club, and 4) see if some of our community volunteer events would count for college student service hours, which could also expand our visibility. All 29 comments went to the Board.
Two of the survey comments said to do more parties. Well, the next two will be the Annual Member Meeting September 17 and the Annual Christmas Party in early December. See you there. –

Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

A group of members of TVCC turned their attention and energy towards looking at the diversity of participation in Chattanooga area outdoor activities. Read about this half year journey to a meeting of like interested people and organizations and a first activity these TVCC members supported. – editor
Many months ago John Hubbard challenged the Club to think about how people found their way onto whitewater and how to expand opportunities for different folks who may not have traditionally participated in our activities or had an ‘in’ as it were. We are an insular and fractious lot who aren’t necessarily easy to find. This conversation expanded to include all the water the TVCC rides and a lot of the outdoor communities in general.
On July 28th, at ArtsBuild, an unofficial committee of members of TVCC sponsored a meeting, facilitated by Shawanna Kendrick, to see ‘how might we’ as members of a wider outdoors community, including our Club, share our gifts and our passion for the outdoors with folks who have been traditionally underrepresented in these spaces.
Over the course of two hours, representatives of the Club, Outdoor Chattanooga, the Mayor’s Office and multiple organizations representing the Latino, African American, LGBTQ communities, small business and even state tourism talked about how we could build a network of authentic relationships that would introduce and nurture access to the places we all love.
TVCC was almost immediately called on by an attendee to help support and educate a group of two high school’s athletes, their coaches, and mentors who had never been on kayaks before (see the next story). Since then, environmental organizations such as WaterWays have connected with the Urban league and the Southeast Conservation Corps in ways that move beyond paddling. We hope it keeps going.
“As a paddler and a steward of the resources we are so fortunate to enjoy, it excites me that we, as individuals and really also representing our club, have been able to enter a conversation that will only enrich our membership, and community in general, both on and off the water>, said Steve Lamb. “I echo John’s challenge to think about how we can thrive and grow by welcoming all kinds of newcomers to the rivers, lakes and streams… and become whitewater kayakers , flat water kayakers, SUP paddlers, and open boaters.”
TVCC members who attended the meeting were Anthony and Gwyn Crutcher, John Hubbard, Steve Lamb, Dian Lawhon, and David Riall.

TVCC Supports High School Athletes For An
On Water Experience Aug 3

By BG Smith

Chris Sands, the Director of Community Engagement for the City of Chattanooga (who attended the August 28 Diversity Initiative meeting mentioned in the previous story) contacted TVCC to ask for support of his broader youth outreach program. Chris’s plan was to introduce a small group of high school students to some water sports activities at Booker T. Washington State Park. TVCC welcomed the opportunity to assist Chris with his inaugural paddling program. TVCC volunteers provided water safety support, some basic instruction, and offered general encouragement to the group of 15 students who took the challenge.
While the afternoon was hot and humid, it was pretty cool to see the students go from their somewhat tentative start to a full on fun day of paddling. The 2-hour adventure on Booker T’s back bay proved to be a perfect introduction to paddling. And most surprising of all … no swimmers! Everyone stayed dry!
Many thanks to the TVCC volunteers who helped out: Anthony Crutcher, Eric Fleming, John Hubbard, Buck Meyer, and BG Smith.

July Big Brother Big Sister Hiwassee Raft Trip
Produced Many Happy Faces

Another Successful Rescue Rodeo Completed In July

By Carl Schoonover
Our annual Rescue Rodeo was a big success! Even though our numbers were lower this year, 18 people attended the event and had a blast. They learned various safety topics and rescues such as accident prevention, CPR, rope throwing, towing a swimmer, gear retrieval, Hand of God, swimming, AND MORE! This training took place on land at the Firewater Grill site in the morning followed by on water training on the Upper Hiwassee. At the end of the class they were presented with their own throw rope. We have heard nothing but positive comments, everyone had a good time, and they all learned new skills. A huge thank you to the volunteers. Without the 27 volunteers led by Carl Schoonover, this event could not have happened. They all deserve a pat on the back. Looking forward, Team Safety will be hosting their fall L4 Swiftwater Rescue course on September 17-18. See the TVCC events page for more details.

Three River 3 Lake TVCC Overnighter Trip,

August 12th to 14th
By Eric Burnett
Some of us arrived at the Turkey Creek Campground in Almond, North Carolina on Thursday evening, and others arrived on Friday, the day the paddles began. One person got up at 4 a.m. to be at the campground by 9 a.m. The bath house was so new and clean, with tiled floors and walls, that it was the topic of discussion as we compared it to some of the places that were so much the opposite. Since this was an extended weekend trip the trip report will be a little longer than usual.
The trip was a new experience combining 5 destinations and included a group that paddled white water (Tuckaseegee River and The Little Tennessee) and a group that paddled local lakes (Fontana Lake, Santeetlah Lake and Calderwood Lake). (And one renegade group of three paddling the Nantahala on Friday. — editor)

Friday’s paddle was set on Fontana Lake and included a hike to the remnants of the logging town, Proctor. Some parts of the town were flooded when the Fontana Dam was built. The Calhoun house, built in 1928 is still standing. It was approximately an 8 mile round trip with some hiking included. There were 9 paddlers with a mix of boats, canoes, sea kayaks, and recreational kayaks. The day was great for paddling and provided a step back in time with much discussion and exploring. The National Park Service still provides boat access to this area to enable family members to visit cemeteries because it is only accessible by water. The North Carolina mountains were always in the far background, regally watching us paddle. We shared the lake with a few power boaters. When we arrived back at camp, some napped while others took showers. Ben had a campfire going, proving to be the end of a perfect day,
Saturday broke clear and expectant as the whole group met at Ben’s trailer at 9 am. There were new arrivals to the group, having arrived Friday night and Saturday morning. About 8 white water paddlers headed to the Tuckaseegee River (“place of the turtle” in the Cherokee language according to one source) and 10 lake paddlers headed to Santeetlah Lake . Both groups paddled approximately 5 miles that day. The mountains around Santeetlah Lake crept a little closer to the water’s edge because it is bounded by the Nantahala National Forest(Nantahala “land of the noon day sun,” a fitting name for the Nantahala Gorge, where the sun only reaches to the valley floor at midday) so there is little commercial or residential development. There were several eye-witness reports of a paddle board bikini-clad goddess at the Santeetlah ramp at the end of the day. Ben and Beth hosted a smash burger supper, while Dieter Kuberg assisted at the grill. Supper was laid out with the usual hamburger fixings and also included salads, salsa, slaw, and several desserts. There was much discussion about whether the brownies that John Hubbard made were home made or if they were out of a box with canned icing but there were no brownies left, nary a crumb, so it was a moot point. One paddler fell asleep sitting in his chair by the fire, a testament to another good day.

Sunday a somewhat weary but excited group of about 8 white water paddlers and 8 lake paddlers met at Ben’s trailer to start the day. The perfect weather remained in effect as the white water paddlers headed to the Little Tennessee River and the lake paddlers headed to Calderwood Lake. The lake paddlers took a side trip to Fontana Dam to marvel at the views and the massive structure in the woods, while crossing the Appalachian Trail. At Calderwood Lake, a narrow lake, only 600 feet wide in some places, the mountains seemed to stand on their tip toes and look over our shoulders providing dramatic reflections of the Joyce Kilmer Forest, the sky and clouds. First stop was a small waterfall at Slickrock Creek. While on the lake the paddlers were able to find the semi-submerged railroad tunnel thanks to Dave Leigh. This was built in 1914 to allow a Southern Railway train to operate along the river bank of the Little Tennessee River to the Santeelah and Cheoah dam construction sites. On our paddle back a huge eagle glided over head ending another perfect day.

Most paddlers headed back to their respective origins in Alabama, Georgia, and all across Tennessee after the day’s paddle leaving an empty campground for Sunday night quiet, giving me time to reflect on what a great trip this had been for me and others. There may be a chance this can be repeated again next year so if you missed it make sure you look for it.

This trip is now complete and the feedback has been good!

Comments from members:

‘New friendships made, old ones renewed.’ —– Eric Burnett
‘A very nice relaxing weekend. The Little T was at a great level for cruising through the Rapids.’—— Carolyn Rand
‘Tuckaseegee River was great fun. Ben styled it in a 16 foot tandem canoe, surfing several rapids.’ —– John Hubbard
‘Wonderful seeing everyone that I don’t get to see very often!! ‘ —– Pat Carver
‘Indeed. Great time and very much enjoyed everyone’s company! Here are some pictures I took on Sunday…. Not exactly award winning shots but I wanted to at least capture some of the happiness! ‘ —– Matt Carrier
‘Hey guys, hope everyone enjoyed the trip. It was good to see old faces & new. The gatherings around the campfire were great. listening to all the stories. Anyone have any gum?’ —– Ben and Beth Johnson
‘Enjoyed it all as well! The smash burgers were great! Three days of paddling with great people on beautiful lakes.’ —– Michael Humphrey
‘What a great time, thanks for everything!’ —– Steve Lamb
‘It was a fun trip. I enjoyed running a new river. Steven did a great job leading us and was very informative on what to do and what to expect. I had a few combat rolls. I felt safe. That if I hadn’t made my rolls I had help coming. I love kayaking with TVCC.’ ——— Wave Isbill

Chickamauga Lake Trip, July 17

Nine hardy paddlers met for an adventure to paddle the open water of Chickamauga Lake this day. Everyone was on time at 9 am at the Chickamauga public boat ramp above the dam. How cool was that, haha. We ran the shuttle to Harrison Bay State Park and were on the water by 10 am.
The morning started out at around 76 degrees and didn’t stop climbing during the paddle, eventually reaching about 96. This was a full sun paddle so we were all decked out in hats , sunscreen and neck gaiters. The occasional breeze was really appreciated.
Boats, barges, and cabin cruisers were out there with us providing some nice wave action, but no one went swimming inadvertently. During the paddle we could reach over and throw some water up to cool off, very refreshing!
My Strava app reported a trip length of almost 8.8 miles with an average speed of 3.4 mph and top speed of 6.4 mph. That top speed was probably recorded as we were crossing the channel toward the take out to eat at the Dockside Cafe. Judging by the silence right after the food arrived everyone was hungry and there were no leftovers.
I’m not sure why the app recorded an elevation change of 181 feet while we were on the lake but I guess we just paddled uphill. No wonder I was tired.
A good time was had by all. We tested our limits. —— Eric Burnett

Parksville Lake Trip, August 6th

By John Hubbard

Six of us assembled to paddle Parksville Lake from the Cherokee Camp Canoe Pickup Ramp to the Ocoee River Public Takeout. We had one tandem canoe, three flatwater kayaks, and one whitewater kayak and went into the Greasy Creek Outflow pond and a little bit up the creek. There were lots of swimmers in the creek by the campground. So Hunter and son got out to join the fun for a little bit. At the takeout three of us crossed the river to check out Big Creek. We could only go in several hundred feet when the downed trees blocked the way. Fun was had by all, Hunter Lawhorn and son Luke, Dieter Kuberg, Jo Marcus, Paul Overbow, and John Hubbard. Then all but Hunter and Luke headed to the Member Social at Quest for hamburgers and hot dogs.

South Chick – Shallowford to Lost Mound Trip,

August 20th
By Susan Carrol

Eight paddlers ran shuttle and put on Sunday morning, August 20, to paddle South Chickamauga Creek, from Shallowford Road down to the confluence with the TN River, with a take out at Lost Mound. It was an easy flatwater, easy class 1 in parts, trip, both scenic and relaxing. We had the trip listed as 6.5 miles, but Peter Williams’ Garmin logged us at 7.65. He tells us the Garmin doesn’t lie, so we had a bonus mile for the day. The water was up leaving us no good take out options for a break, making it a straight thru trip. One of the pictures shows the sewer pipe, the RR bridge, the S Chick Greenway, and the road behind it
A few of us ended the day with lunch at nearby Ricko’s Italian Cuisine.

TVCC Thanked in Big Way for Providing Water Safety Support

The Chattanooga Track Club and Team-Magic thanked TVCC by a donation of $500 for the club’s ongoing support of the swimmers at the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon this past June.
The Ironman Foundation thanked TVCC by a donation of $1,000 for the club’s ongoing support of the swimmers at the Ironman 70.3 (Half Ironman) under Co-Captains Cully Granger and Mae Shelley, and being volunteers at Athlete Check-In and the Finish Line this past May. TVCC will be on the water again for the September 25 Ironman race. There is another article in this issue about this volunteer opportunity. Register directly with Ironman to support them with on water safety.
Aside from these donations to the club, volunteers on the water have the satisfaction of helping the athletes attain their goals. Success is when all swimmers exit the water safely.
Thank you Chattanooga Track Club and Team-Magic and Ironman for your donations that help TVCC do its extensive training and on water river trip programs. ——- Buck Meyer, club liaison to the Ironman and Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlons for on water safety.

Eric Fleming’s Eight-Year Creek Clearing Project

Many paddlers don’t realize our ability to have trips on the North, South, and West Chickamauga Creeks are a result of years of volunteer effort, investing personal time and money, mostly by Eric Fleming, with several years of support from BG Smith. Ask Eric how many chainsaws he has worn out and replaced. The Times Free Press has an article July 11 on the project.
It’s a good article. Behind the scenes, TVCC in action. We had a flatwater paddle on the West Chickamauga Creek this last Saturday. We saw several local families, with kids, on the creek. It was good to see it open and being used.
——– Susan Caroll

New Montgomery Whitewater Center Construction

Drone Footage
Coming to Montgomery, Alabama is a new whitewater center. See drone video footage of the construction going on right now.

Thanks To All Our 2022 TVCC Sponsors

Ocoee Level

Adventures Unlimited
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TVCC Board of Directors
President: Dian Lawhon, Acting
Vice President: Dian Lawhon
Assistant VP: Steve Lamb
Secretary: Kathy Cusick
Treasurer: Buck Meyer
Safety Chair: Carl Schoonover
Communications Chair: Graham Stien
Conservation Chair: Dixie Riall
Webmaster: David Riall
Training Chair: Vacant
Quartermaster: Scott Painter
(Board Cont)
Whitewater Il/IIl Cruisemaster: Greg Foster
Whitewater Cruisemaster III/IV+: Robert Haile
Overnighter Cruisemaster: Ben Johnson/Dave Leigh
Paddleboard Cruisemaster: Liz Young
Flatwater Cruisemaster: Susan Carroll
Non-Paddling Events Cruisemaster: Beth Johnson
Reach out to your Board of Officers with questions and suggestions; after all, they serve the members of the Club. (Please cut and paste email addresses into your system if the link doesn’t work.)
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