The Heroes Have Prevailed!

Paddle School 2016

The Heroes have Prevailed!


Paddle School is finished! And now the summer fun and training trips can begin! Once again, TVCC reached its’ capacity for Paddle School before the set deadline. And after some juggling, TVCC had 187 students, 143 instructors/support boaters and that’s not even counting the non-paddling members who came to join family members and share in the fun!


Friday night was a whirlwind of activity as old friends were reunited, boats were outfitted (Big Thanks to David Adkins! And all the others who helped) and Brandon Beaty’s “Grill-zilla” was fired up and burgers were being flipped. As darkness fell, Blackbird Revival took to the stage and filled the air with some Americana rock, sweltering blues and a fusion of bluegrass.


Saturday morning was deliciously easy thanks to Glenn Keaton and his breakfast of Champions, followed up by the always entertaining Safety Talk! And after a linguistically challenged Class Roll Call (names are my kryptonite!), Everyone headed to the water!


Saturday night’s much anticipated Auction and Raffle kept everyone on their toes as Auctioneer and fellow club member, Karl Sodergren rattled off numbers faster than the speed of light, as hands were raised and items were grabbed up, some even to the bewilderment of the winners! speaking of winners, much to everyone’s surprise and bemusement Bruce Foster won the open boat! The weekend totals of the Auctions, Canoe Raffle and Beer donations earned the club $7378.00!


Sunday morning was a mix and match of camp breakdowns, ‘One-and-doners’, Midnight merrymakers turned morning moaners and eager boaters as groups reconvened and plans were finalized.


Paddle school is a unbelievably huge endeavor that is only possible because of the incredible people who help make it ALL happen! There are numerous volunteers that make this weekend such the success that it has become, year after year!

Take a look at some awesome photos from the event!


Mike Shillinger performs his annual safety (and comedy) demonstration.

Mike Shillinger performs his annual safety (and comedy) demonstration.


And now for some special Shout Outs!

Beth Johnson, the woman behind the man and Queen of the Chuckwagon Camper, who kept an eagle eye on camp and the dinner lines. Her special power is turning “double-dippers” into stone with a single look!


Jennifer Whitlock, not only creates beautiful jewelry and glassworks but had the ability to feeds multitudes with her quick thinking and selfless nature.


Mike Shillinger and his lightning fast shopping reflexes!


Gina Brown: Special Powers: number problems and a much appreciated dry-wit.


Kristen Evans, Heather Curry and Lisa Lemza who ARE the women of Steel, when I was not.


Meryl Stark: Special powers: Excel Vision, Master-adapter and the “gift-of-Gab”.


Ashley Teel: My Professor X! The Brains behind the spreadsheets! Can’t say Thanks enough for talking me into such a wonderfully insane ride! Looking forward to our next adventure!


Thanks to all that helped! It did not go unnoticed, nor unappreciated.


Special Thanks to the 2016 TVCC Board!


Love and gratitude to my River family!


LaDawn Wolfe

Vice President of TVCC