Support TVCC Sponsors who Support Us

Featured Sponsor for October is Jackson Kayak who has supported TVCC for many years.


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Ocoee Level Sponsors





Generous donations from our sponsors each year allows TVCC to continue its mission of giving back to the community while providing safe paddling for our more than 700 members.


These local businesses donated goods and services that were auctioned off during Paddle School and the money will be used to for training members during the annual paddle school, rescue rodeo, Swift Water Rescue and the 50th Anniversary celebrations at Christmas and the finale in September.  These funds help us in our efforts to provide safety for local events such as multiple Triathlons, the annual Girl Scout Raft Race, and Big Brother/Big Sister Raft Day.  Additionally, this supports our waterway conservation and preservation events including annual river clean-ups. The funding allowed us to donate a boat to the Polk County Emergency Medical Services and Response team and will be used to for the annual TVCC Ocoee Race, which benefits First Descents and Team River Runner.


Tellico Level Sponsors



Please visit these businesses and let them know how much you appreciate their support.  We need to give back to them to ensure their on-going support of TVCC.


Check out the TVCC Sponsors’ webpage for all our sponsors and a link to their website.


Featured Sponsor for August is Rock Creek, with nine locations around Chattanooga.  Rock Creek supports TVCC with with Paddle School donations as well as year round discounts for TVCC members.