Soddy Creek

by Eric Fleming, Flatwater Cruisemaster
16 of us met at the Soddy ramp at 10 am on 4/30/16.
While unloading Richard threw in a fishing line and within minutes pulled out a fish, and then a bigger one while several other fishers drowned their worms. He threw them back in.
We headed down the creek towards the TN River. We were nearly at the Osprey nest at the power lines when we saw some lightning, so we turned around and headed for a nearby bridge. After a couple more strikes it passed over with no rain, so we headed down to the Steve’s Landing marina restaurant for a leisurely lunch on the outside deck before paddling back to the put in.
There were about 5 young girls swimming at a private dock going out, and they were still in the water when we returned nearly 2 hours later. It’s only April but I guess they were tired of waiting for summer. We saw kids in the Coolidge Park fountains last Sunday also so I guess summer is here.
Such a hard way to spend a Saturday but someone has to do it!
Hope to see y’all again soon!
Richard's Catch of the Day!

Richard’s Catch of the Day!