Sale Creek

16 of us met at the Sale Creek ramp at 10 am on 8/7/16.
We were going to paddle up all the way to the left up through the channel and behind the island but it looked pretty full of Milfoil so we just stayed in the creek which was Milfoil free.
We paddled the 2.5 miles up to the picnic area just before the 27 bridge, and then put on again and paddled up another mile.
The water was much cooler up there as it comes from a spring and you could just feel the cooler air coming off the water. Quite refreshing on a hot day.
On the way down I decided to try the bay area and narrow channel through high bull rushes on both sides. Several followed me and found that it was still possible to get through, but the Milfoil was just 3 inches below our boats. Well worth it though.
Sale Creek is best paddled after early April when the lake levels are at summer levels and late July before the Milfoil starts taking over.
Another great group, and a fun day on one of my favorite creeks.