Ready for Rescue Rodeo?

Hey folks, it’s time to get your Rodeo on!!


For our newer boaters:  Okay, you’ve been to Paddle school; you’ve been on a few training trips; you’ve been on the water and are getting a feel for your boat, the paddling skills you need, and are starting to get into this new sport.


 …but you and your new paddle buddies have had a few ‘close calls’ (probably swimming or helping your buddy) and you really didn’t know exactly how to handle that.




This is a one-day course, taught on the Hiwassee that is designed to give the new paddler some BASIC RIVER RESCUE SKILLS and MAKE YOU A MORE CONFIDENT BOATER! We put this event on each year in the middle of the paddling season just for you.  IT WORKS and IT’S FUN!


We will go over:  Basic First Aid and Rescue Breathing, Deep Water Boat Reentry & Recovery, Properly Towing a Swimmer, Proper Equipment Recovery Techniques,  Properly Throwing/Catching a Rescue Rope, Proper Wading Techniques, Boat Based Rescues, Proper Rafting-Up techniques, and YES — Whitewater Swimming, (you will swim Devil Shoals – on Purpose!)  All classes are taught in a ‘challenge by choice’ style.


When:  Saturday, 23 July, 8:30 AM
Where: Hiwassee Outfitters, Campsites 46 & 47
What:  1 Day Course, Cost $5.00 (ACA Insurance Fee)


Details:  We will have shore-based classes that morning, grab a quick lunch, and hit the river.  Bring all you paddling gear or make your own arrangements to borrow what you need on your own. You will be assigned to a expertly-led group and paddle to different training stations on the river & practice a certain rescue skill.  At the end of the day, we’ll have an awards ceremony, Grill some Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, and swap lies until it gets late! Bring a side dish to go with the Club-Provided Meat and Buns.


Camping at Hiwassee Outfitters is available by calling the outfitter store:  423-338-8115


Students, please register for this event online at:


See you there!
Andrew Waters
TVCC Team Safety