Paddling St Simons

By Carolyn Rand.
Photos by:  Carolyn Rand, BG Smith


Jamie wore us out, paddling around the marshes and ocean of St. Simons Island.  He was the perfect escort. I can see how someone could get lost around there very easily, but he kept herding us cats around very well.


I was in much need of a rest, and the combination of the ocean, perfect sky and temps was just what I needed.

I had never been to Jekyll Island State Park, but I will definitely go back. The huge live oak trees that covered the campground provided nice shade and ground cover for a clean and comfortable campsite.  Actually, the whole Island is covered with live oaks.  They make a continuous canopy over all the roads and bike paths that cover the whole island.


Just a few steps away from our camper was the beach and ocean for a nice morning walk, and in the evenings we ate seafood, both at the campsite and at restaurants very close by.


I hope Jamie will agree to make this a regular trip on the overnighter schedule. Perfect for one of our first spring trips, to get us motivated to get out and jump start our camping season. Thank you, Jamie. It was great!


Those who came:  Jamie, Ben, Carolyn Sherry, Jane, John, BG and Dian