Paddler Tattler Call For Volunteers!

Chattanooga Ironman 70.3:

May 22 Volunteers Needed!

You like paddling your SUP, kayak or canoe, which is why you are a member of TVCC. Do you want to be part of a group that helps provide a safe experience for others attempting to achieve their athletic goal? Do you want to be participate in an event that benefits TVCC financially through the Ironman Foundation? YOU are needed as a Water Safety Volunteer!
The Ironman 70.3 triathlon race will be held May 22, with athletes jumping into the Tennessee River shortly after sunrise. HIMCHOO has been well supported in the past by the Chattanooga paddling community. 90 Water Safety volunteers are needed to support the swimming portion of this year’s race.
The athletes will swim 1.4 miles downstream to Ross’s Landing (this is a longer swim than the typical HIM, which is 1.2 miles). Our participation is crucial to the safety of these swimmers, who by and large are runners or bikers first. They swim so they can complete the Ironman triathlon. Canoes/kayaks/SUPs are needed along the swim course, readily available to assist any swimmer. Typically this takes the form of allowing the swimmer to hold on to the bow of your watercraft while they resolve their issue. The most common issues are equipment adjustments, anxiety, muscle cramps or taking a rest. While it is easy for a biker or runner to stop and sit on the curb to recover, this isn’t possible while swimming unless there is something floating nearby. Our watercraft provide the “curb” while they are in the water, allowing them the opportunity to finish the swim, then head out on the road for their bike ride.
No special medical training is required to volunteer. You do not need to be an EMT, pass a first aid or CPR test, or have any specific credential to participate. You do need to have your own watercraft/equipment, and feel confident in handling your canoe/kayak/SUP in the kind of minimal moving water which is typical of late May on the Tennessee River. TVA will throttle back the outflow from the dam, making it easier to keep your boat in position. Watch the sunrise (yes, the swim is early) and then marvel as thousands of flailing arms approach you from upriver. Once the first swimmers come past you, it will be non-stop action for the next hour or so. It’s really impressive.
Yes, you will receive a t-shirt for your efforts, a headlamp if needed (since we will leave the ramp before sunrise) and a safety whistle for communication. There’s food after we get off the water.
Join the team for HIMCHOO at
No password is needed. Invite your friends who paddle. For additional information or if you have any questions, please email Buck Meyer at
Mark your calendar – May 22, 2022 – Ironman race.
Additional opportunities to volunteer for the race (many of which do not require starting your day before sunrise) are available here:
If you like meeting and greeting people from all parts of the country and even the world, Athlete Check-In on Friday and Saturday is a great opportunity to represent Chattanooga. For those who want to be in the middle of the action, Finish Line volunteers experience a lot of fun and energy with the athletes as they finish.
Thank you TVCC for supporting these athletes.
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