Next Winter Roll Practice at UTC!

  • When: Tue, March 20, 2018 — 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Location: Univ. of Tenn Chatt – Aquatic Rec Center (ARC)

Register at TVCC Website Events Page under Roll Practice Listing

Base fee: TVCC Paddler: Pay $5.00 for each session selected and an additional $5.00 for ACA Insurance for each pool session if you do not have an ACA Membership Number. Consider joining ACA! It’s only $30 per year ($40 for a Family).  We don’t want to have to restrict attendance, so we ask for (need?) your help on a couple important issues to keep this a smooth running and safe event:  

Reminder about TVCC-UTC POOL Rules of engagement {ROE)

Please consider (strongly) pre-registering for the roll sessions you want to attend at the TVCC Website.  This really helps.  Paying at the door is OK, but slows in-processing for everyone.  We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Be patient!  The check-in process is what it is, and we will improve it, but your patience helps.  Everyone must fill out 3 waiver forms and pay any fees if not pre-registered.  Form a line and stay in it.  We generally can handle 6 at a time.  We open 30 minutes before pool opens which is plenty of time to get everyone through.  Help us help you!  Everyone has been great so far and we appreciate it!

Please CLEAN your boat before coming to the pool.  That means taking your air bags out and rinsing the inside thoroughly.  We don’t want to lose our pool privileges because we contaminated the UTC pool!  UTC has equipment you can borrow if necessary and arrive early enough to grab what you need.

Helmets must be worn while in the pool. There are a lot of paddlers and paddles wilding swinging around.  No problem bringing your kids to play while you roll, but please put them in a helmet.

Be gentle with UTC’s pool.  Boofing off the coping or hard entries and exits from the pool may damage the tile work.  Exercise caution when trying out your gnarly dynamic moves.

Please don’t stiff us the pool or ACA fees.  TVCC is paying UTC to use their pool and we pay ACA to make sure everyone is covered by insurance under our plan.  This is a great deal so let’s keep it that way.  ‘Nuff said.