Middle Tellico Club Trip Report

A big thanks to Pat Carver and Mike Shillinger for organizing and leading a wonderful trip on the lovely Middle Tellico. Those two stepped up in a pinch when Steve Crowell could no longer make it.

Most of the of our group ran from the bridge while Pat kindly waited with me at Turkey Creek to put in. We also picked up some support boaters who had run the ledges earlier in the day.  The paddle was challenging for me but still SO MUCH FUN because of the great people I was with.

Did I mention that I swam a few times? Each time the whole group patiently helped retrieve my boat, Meryl Stark was such an encourager, and Brandon Beaty was always there watching out for me and helping me get back in my boat. What a group and what a day!

We wrapped up the fun with some much needed food and drink at Mexi-Wings in Athens.