Message from TVCC Historian



I am sort of the archives proponent and history buff for all things TVCC and was very excited when Diane Mayes, TVCC legacy member back in the early 90s, gave me her paper newsletters that I didn’t already have from Jamie.  Now, I am scanning them to our archives library.


Ever wonder what TVCC looked like way back in September 1991?  You know, like before some of us were to first grade and could read newsletters?   See the September 1991 newsletter at


In this newsletter, I learned that:

  • TVCC was 125 members strong
  • We had a way shorter bylaws
  • We had a way smaller Board — 4 officers and 5 committee members
  • See the typewriter prototype of one of our logos at the newsletter banner — was the whole newsletter written on a typewriter — wait, what’s a typewriter????? Oh, that’s the thing where you type with all ten fingers and not two thumbs directly onto actual paper.


I have some 20 more newsletters to scan.  Then I’ll write an article for the new newsletter.  I’ll include a list of highlights from these new newsletters.


John Hubbard