Message From the President


MembersIt saddens me to announce that we are cancelling paddle school this year due to restrictions imposed by COVID19. This was an exceedingly difficult decision that we have delayed as long as possible.  However, we remain hopeful that we can still offer some of our regular summer training trips based on Forest Service, TVA, and the State of Tennessee relaxing the current social distancing mandates.In the meantime, I am hoping TVCC members will rally around our sponsors who have supported us for many years. We would like now to support them as they struggle with financial difficulties due to loss of business due to COVID19.  We have set up an event on the TVCC events page where you can select from several amounts to donate to a fund for some of our long-time sponsors. You can also buy an amended, one of a kind, limited print, special Covid-19 2020 Paddle School t-shirt and 50% of the proceeds will go toward our sponsors…

I hope to SYOTR soon!Mike Shillinger, TVCC President