May Paddler Tattler

By Dian Lawhon,
Newsletter Editor and Communications Chair.


The Paddler Tattler is a monthly newsletter featuring the highlights of the Tennessee Valley Canoe Club for that month while promoting upcoming events. Members can  easily view the many articles written by club members as well as the myriad of activities available to them.  All articles and upcoming events are located on the TVCC website in easy to view format.  They are also  searchable by subject and activities (such as flatwater, whitewater, overnighter, etc.) and are posted by month for newsletters.  Hope you find this helpful in taking advantage of the numerous resources available to you on TVCC website, which will always have the latest information and the greatest detail.  For previous articles, go to the News&Archives tab and search the column on the right by month, or scroll down that column and search by subject.  For the upcoming events, click on Events on the Home Page Navigation Bar and scroll down by month or click on the subject such as whitewater, flatwater, meetings, etc. at the top of the page.  As always, stories and photos are not only welcome, but highly encouraged.  Your Newsletter Editor.