August Paddler Tattler

By Dian Lawhon, Newsletter Editor and Communications Chair.


The 50th Anniversary celebration is almost here!!!  September 9th and 10th are the days for the big event and you need to sign up NOW to take advantage of them.  There will be food and camaraderie, paddling and raffles, and another chance to meet legacy members and enjoy a video featuring 50 years of paddling.  You can also still buy cool 50th anniversary merchandise.  Volunteers are also needed to help with set-up, registration, the auction, shuttle for the kayak race, help with the dinner, and clean-up.  Please contact Rebecca Hendrix at


Not everyone can paddle whitewater, but pretty much everyone can do flatwater, and there some great flatwater paddles scheduled for August that everyone should check out.  The highlight will be the Eclipse viewing on Monday, August 21.  This is a once in a lifetime total eclipse and Chattanooga is right in the main path.  See details below on how to see this incredible event from the water.  (And what better place to be, right?)   Contact Eric Fleming ASAP if you want to join him for this amazing paddle.


Please check out the August newsletter for more information about the 50th celebration, TVCC Financial Report, etc. as well as highlights from July activities.  As always, whether you paddle flatwater or whitewater, club members have lots of opportunities to enjoy the lakes, creeks, and rivers in the area.


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