Mark Your Calendar for River Rescue

By John Hubbard.


Tennessee River Rescue is happening Saturday October 7th with TVCC sponsoring two cleanup sites.  Mark your calendar.



TVCC is sponsoring two sites to clean up this year:  South Chickamauga Creek at Camp Jordan and Lookout Creek at Reflection Riding.  These are the same sites as we sponsored last year.  Pat Carver and Greg Foster are coordinating the Lookout Creek cleanup in partnership with Martha at Reflection Riding.  John Hubbard, Michelle Hollingsworth, and Ben Johnson are coordinating the cleanup at South Chickamauga Creek.



More information and how to volunteer will come about mid September, after we finish our 50th Anniversary celebration.



You can go to the website  to see the latest information for this year.  On the website is a picture (same as the photo above) of Ben Johnson and family in a canoe at South Chickamauga Creek from the cleanup last year.  Other club members are behind them with their trash picked up from the creek.


Some pictures from last year at Lookout Creek: