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Paddle School 2020 Registration Starts March 11th

Opens March 11th!
TVCC Paddle School, scheduled for May 29 – 31st, is a two day course for whitewater and flatwater paddling. Our courses are designed for everyone, from first timers who have never been in a boat to intermediate/advanced paddlers looking to improve their skills. All of our classrooms are on the water so you will get plenty of experience under the supervision of our instructors and support boaters who are excited to share their knowledge and passion for the sport we love with our students. 2020 Paddle School will be based out of Adventures Unlimited at the Ocoee River.

Schedule of Events
Friday Night

Students renting or borrowing gear for the weekend are strongly encouraged to arrive Friday evening to receive assistance outfitting their boats.
Check in
Welcome Dinner
Boat Outfitting Tent
Live Entertainment (band starts around dusk)
Saturday & Sunday
After a safety talk, you are off for two days of fun on the water learning and/or improving paddling skills. Saturday evening’s highlights include:
Family-Friendly Entertainment TBD
Gear Auction (find good deals on paddling gear) and support TVCC’s Safety & Training Programs
Go to the TVCC Official Website at for more information and to register.

Registration closes May 9th.

In addition to our regular white water, SUP and flatwater courses, we are offering a Recreational Kayaking River Running Class.
This group is for Flatwater paddlers who want to learn to better maneuver their boats down creeks and rivers containing current and obstacles. Suitable boat types are recreational kayaks, canoes, and sit on tops\ boats (flotation required for kayaks that could fill with water). Classes will combine flatwater skills and paddling on the lower Hiwassee (Class 1) from Reliance to the 411 bridge. Some Flatwater experience is preferred. Note: There will be rocks and current on the section of river we will be on. If you have questions on the suitability of your boat or whether a helmet should be worn please contact the instructor. Students will be expected to learn and practice wet exits and self/assisted rescues.

(one of each per participant)
TVCC Waiver:
ACA Waiver:
Non-Paddlers are also welcome to attend. They will need to register as well.
Please Sign Both Waivers
Before Paddle School!
Both TVCC and ACA waivers are online — We need you to fill out before Paddle School to speed up what is usually a lengthy check in process.

Features Old Harrison
By Eric Fleming:

We’ll meet at 10 am at the Tyner ramp and paddle over to the islands where Harrison town used to be before it had to be removed when they built the Chickamauga Dam and flooded the area. We’ll do a walk on the island where there are still artifacts to be found, before TVA raises the water level to summer levels. We sill spend about one hour paddling and one hour walking around the island. Afterwards, we ’ll be going to the Las Margaritas restaurant for anyone who wants to join us. If interested em me by 4 pm Thursday (26th) and check your em that night for details. Eric Fleming.
More About Harrison town
In 1939, many communities along the Tennessee River had to move because of the lake that was coming after the Chickamauga Dam was completed. One of these, Harrison, Tennessee, is a place that seldom sees the light of day. Most of the time, it’s under the Chickamauga Lake near Wolftever Creek. Back In 1940, the water started rising in old Harrison. Some of the houses would have been out of the water, but they were doomed. Families had to move out, when TVA created the Chickamauga Lake. But for just a few months out of the year, the water level is actually low enou
According to Hamilton County Government’s website, Harrison was the county seat for 30 years in the 1800’s. When the courthouse was moved to Chattanooga, Harrison residents seceded from Hamilton County, and formed James County, which went bankrupt in 1919.
John Patten Island and the surrounding smaller islands were created in 1940 when TVA completed Chickamauga Dam and a good portion of the town of Harrison was flooded. Particularly during low water in the winter, modern day paddlers can see old building foundations, roads, and guardrails that have been trapped in time under the water. On Patten Island itself, one can find more evidence of the old town, as well as the Bell cemetery.

Toccoa River Overnight Trip
April 25 – 26th

The Toccoa trip is coming up April 25-26th, and plans need to be made.. Please let Ben Johnson, the leader, know if you are interested now so that he can send out the directions and information letter on where and when to meet. This is a beautiful clear rain dependent river with a very nice secluded campsite. It is mostly Class I-II whitewater, but has one Class III rapid right before the campsite, which we will scout before running. Helmets required.
Contact Ben at 423 241-3483 or email
Sewer overflow into our Creeks?

Recently a TVCC member saw sewer overflow into the South Chick. In the center of the picture above is the over-flowing man-hole and in the bushes you can see toilet paper up to about 8 – 10 feet above the creek’s current water-level. This indicates that a significant amount of sewage has been flowing for several weeks. The TVCC member has reported this to the appropriate agency. If you see similar, please report to Ms. Barbee at SBarbee You may also report to EPA or State Environmental Officers and they can make a case for removing the open pipe section or manhole or at least putting it on a list to monitor for future incidents.
Paddlers may want to avoid this area for the near term. This specific overflow occurred near the Brown Acres Golf Course. Below is a Google Earth screenshot that shows the pin near the top of the picture and I-75 at the bottom. The pin indicates the overflowing man-hole.

Long time TVCC Board member
hangs up his paddle
(sort of)

Eric Fleming steps down as the TVCC
Flatwater Cruisemaster after almost 20 years

Eric joined TVCC in 1994 and led beginner whitewater in 1995. He led or ran sweep for the Flatwater Cruisemasters in 2006 – 2008 and became the Flatwater Cruisemaster in 2009. In 2015 he led the effort to clear the Class 1 creeks in our area which has enabled the flatwater group to grow as he added all these awesome new Class 1 creeks to his paddle trips. His efforts cleaning the creeks has also benefited all area paddlers. BG Smith will step up as the new flatwater cruisemaster while Eric will keep his hand in as sweep for most paddles.
Eric has also taught the Flatwater classes at Paddle School for many years. Eric Burnett will take over running the Flatwater Paddle School group, with BG taking over as the other instructor. Eric B has been Fleming’s other flatwater instructor at Paddle School for several years and he’s ready to step into the lead.
Most recently, he’s worked up a comprehensive map of the put-ins and take-outs around the Chattanooga area, that our local government is still trying to get its brain around…Nobody has ever provided the paddling community of this area with a resource like this:
For many years, Eric has represented the club at the SCCGA (South Chick Creek Greenway Alliance) whose motto is “We Speak For The Creek”. He has worked hard to successfully improve access to the creeks and make our creeks cleaner. He plans to stay involved with the Alliance.
According to Eric , ” No need to say goodbye as I still plan to be active with the club, and will still be paddling with our group. The main difference being that I’ll probably be running sweep while BG leads, instead of BG running sweep for me, and I won’t have all the organizing duties. Now seems the perfect time to ease out with everything running smoothly and with BG and Eric Burnett willing and able to take over.
It’s been a blast, but it’s time to share the fun!!” Thanks, Eric Fleming.

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