Lesser Wesser Messer

by Spence Lycan, splinted but fearless trip leader


Credit Harry Tutor with creating the Lesser Wesser Messer, wherein paddlers wash through, rinse and repeat their peculiar LWM aquatic activities.

This  LWM iteration upped the ante.  Yes we ran and done rerun.  Then Yes!  TRex, Yertle, Shamu, and three more inflatables made the scene, all quality activists, especially in Truckstop.
Major Wesser Falls was run by the 3 Rambos.
River’s Edge served flagons and platters to replenish  expended  carbos.
Next year, nothing but inflated pets?


In case you can’t read Spence-speak:

A healthy group gathered for the annual Lesser Wesser Messer Training Trip, where eager paddlers run Nantahala Falls as many times as desired, trying out different lines.

Other participants take turns throwing ropes and chasing boats to mitigate the carnage.

This year’s trip featured something a bit different – inflatable pool toys! Our adventurous rambos floated the falls a top a turtle, lobster, whale, stingray, and T-rex. Some of these critters may or may not have been hole bait.


Pictures (and carnage) are worth a thousand words, so check it out more on Facebook.