Legacy Members


Those attending the TVCC Christmas Party may have been fortunate enough to meet Jean Dolan, one of the founding members of TVCC.  Some interesting facts about Jean:

  • Jean celebrated her 101st birthday recently.
  • She met her future husband on a rock climbing trip in 1941 and got married in 1942. He died in 2006 at 94.
  • She was a longtime club member and lives at the Alexian Retirement Village where she still either walks or swims nearly every day.
  • She was very active as a Girl Scout, and then as a scout leader for many years. She’s also hiked several sections of the Appalachian Trail and likes reading and painting among other things.
  • Ruthie and I met her on a hike when she was 90, the same year that she did the TVCC annual week long canoe trip on the Buffalo River (Arkansas ), camping on the river banks for 5 nights.
  • All 4 of her children are still alive (must be in their 60’s or 70’s).
  • She credits her good health to exercising every day and a positive attitude. Of course, good genes play a big part also, but she truly is an inspiration to us all.


So, keep on paddling!


Eric Fleming