June Flatwater Planning Resolves Challenges

By Eric Fleming.


Scheduling Flatwater paddle trips for June has been especially challenging this year.  The severe drought last year weakened the trees, but the main problem has been that we’ve had 9 inches more rain year to date than last year.  While the ground was totally saturated we had high winds which have brought trees down all over, but it’s been a nightmare on the creeks with bank erosion adding to the problem.   Please note that the June 24th trip is a schedule change.   It was supposed to be from Glass Rd to the Mill on the W Chick but we haven’t been able to clear it yet of trees down.  The high water also caused delays but we’re doing what we can.


Please see the Events page on the TVCC Website for all the details of the trips listed below.






  1. JUNE 2nd-4th. PADDLE SCHOOL.

This is the clubs biggest annual event. It’s a whole weekend of club wide activities. It’s been held at the Adventures Unlimited rafting outfitter at the Ocoee instead of OAR as in the past.  We sold out the 150 student slots nearly a month before the May 17th deadline which is a record.  Unfortunately, we can’t take more than 150 as we don’t have enough instructors or room for more. It also takes 90 volunteers to make it happen.  You don’t have to go to Paddle School to get a T-shirt. They are awesome this year with the 50th Anniversary on them.  A special thanks to all the students and volunteers who have signed up. The more trained paddlers that we have the safer it is for everyone.



  1. JUNE 11th-18th. BUFFALO RIVER.

This joint trip with our Overnighter group is a weeklong trip on the Buffalo River in Arkansas and you must be self-sufficient, only taking what you can carry in your boat.  If interested call Buddy Wise 205-908-1511 for details.



This three-hour flatwater paddle will be down Savannah Bay and Wolftever Creek to the Hwy 58 take out ramp.



Paddling out of the lock.

Have you ever wanted to kayak through the locks?  Well, here is your chance.  We’ll paddle the three miles down the N Chick and then lock through on the Chickamauga Dam going upstream.  Next, we’ll then paddle across the lake to the ramp near the dam swimming area.  This trip is safe for beginners–just like pulling the plug on the bath tub!!



Each year we provide support boaters for the swim section of the Triathlon, which is from the top of the island to Ross’s Landing. Your job is to watch the swimmers and aid if needed.  Support boaters will need to meet at 6.30 am at the Girls Preparatory School just upstream from Coolidge Park; sign in with Taylor Watson; get your T-shirt and breakfast ticket, and be in place on the water by 7 am.  The paddle takes a couple of hours and then you can paddle to Ross’s Landing and join the runners for the food tent.  Volunteers will get a free T-Shirt.