Ironman Needs Volunteers … Become a Captain!

It’s time to register for Ironman volunteer positions!

In particular, they are looking for Volunteer Captains for Lifeguards, Run Pointers, Bike Pointing, and Aid Stations. These are “super volunteer” positions that coordinate groups of volunteers. TVCC’ers like to volunteer for the water safety positions, but several have also supported the run, bike, and finish line in the past.

Two Ironman races this year: May 20th and Sep 30th

Volunteer Registration can be found at this link:…

Register Now!

TVCC earns “volunteer” credits toward a Volunteerism Grant from Ironman Foundation. In 2017 that amounted to $2,375! We used the funds to improve Winter Roll Practice, the Summer Whitewater Training Program, and add additional ACA training scholarships. When you help Ironman — you help TVCC!

If you need to learn more: Contact our own Buck Meyer, a Ironman Water Safety Captain at or BG Smith at

BTW, did you know that Ironman participants ranked Chattanooga as one of the Top 10 worldwide host cities? Yep! 141 cities hosted Ironman events in 2017 (Chattanooga hosted 4!). Competitors (55K of them) ranked Chattanooga in the top 10 in more than a dozen categories.