First Overnight Trip Approaching Fast!

By Carolyn Rand


The first overnighter trip for 2017 is March 18th and 19th on the Toccoa River which is Class I-II plus.  This is by far my favorite local overnighter trip every year. There are stretches of flat water with intermittent easy rapids, and then all of a sudden, you are in fun easy whitewater to end the relaxing day on the beautiful Toccoa River at the most perfect campsite for the first night.


If you swim that one class II+ rapid, it is right before the campsite, so just go change into something warm.  This time of year, you must know how to paddle WW appropriately in the winter and bring correct clothing for the river and camping for the cold temperatures. A dry suit or wet suit is recommended, or you may wear tight fitting poly fleece or neoprene under a rain suit. Bring extra fleece and then extra fleece…  Also will need a very warm sleeping bag and a blanket to put over your head.  Be prepared for the best roaring camp fire ever. (I hope Jane comes again!)


As with all overnighters, you must be able to carry all your food, water, clothes and shelter in your own boat, unless you have made arrangements with someone else ahead of time.



Contact me at if you want to go.