2023-05-09 thru 2023-05-17
SOLO Wilderness First Responder Course

SOLO Southeast will be hosting a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course May 9-17 at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, TN. If you have taken Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and you wish to know more, this is the perfect class for you. If you are a certfied instructor through the American Canoe Association, WFR is considered the gold standard. If you wish to go on adventures that could last several days, we highly recommend this course. If you are paddling on intense whitewater in a remote area, the skills that you will learn in this class are priceless. Whatever your reason may be, this class is worth taking.

If you wish to know more, you can go to:  SOLO Wilderness First Responder Courses & Dates

SOLO Southeast also offers classes at the Nantahala Outdoor Center ranging from WFA all the way to Wilderness EMT. Book your class now while there are still space available. 

Past Events

Tying the Knot class

Who- Members and One Time Guest

What- Knots used in securing kayaks, entitled "Tying the knot" for  canoes, SUPs  etc .  to vehicles, with a few basic rescue knots

When-Thursday, March 23 6 p. m. to approimately 7 pm, could go later depending on the individual

Where-6314 East Brainerd Rd, 37421, Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church between Williams Drive and Osborne Drive

The church has a community pantry and if you are inclined bring any unopened non-perishible food items or items such as laundry detergent, etc  it would be greatly appreciated. Canned food is the most often food item handed out. These donations are not required though.

Park in the back near the gym and go in the back.

Bring-2 sections of rope, each approx 2 to 3 feet long to practice with, bring something to eat if you can't eat before then. Bring your cam straps and ratchet straps to learn ways to wind them up and store them.

If you're like me you've been using the same old knots to secure your boat to your vehicle for a while. I know there are better knots out there to use but what are they? Maybe you like knots and want to learn some others?  Maybe you're new to paddle sports and are just starting to secure your boat. Maybe you simply want to learn how to coil your ratchet straps when you're not using them. Maybe you've got nothing better to do on a Thursday night! This class will be for any and all of these.  There will be tables set up with an instructor at each table. The probabliy of learning will be high!

2023-01-01 thru 2024-01-31
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