These are roughly in order of difficulty;  do your own research and make your own decisions!


•    TVA Lake and Rivers Gauge (Chattanooga) 865/ 751-2264


•    NANTAHALA RIVER, NC see above

•    (BIG) PIGEON RIVER, TN  800/899-4435.  Scheduled releases from CP&L’s Big Pigeon Waterville Dam, historically  from Memorial to Labor Day  on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday, from noon – 6:00 pm.  Even with releases, water levels are highly variable. Call for unscheduled releases.  Or check gauge just below the dam. You might also check the Walters Lake levels, provided by Duke Energy, which levels drop with the dam releases.
This note is from a TVCC member who frequently runs this river: “Use caution when referencing the Pigeon’s phone number outside of guaranteed release season.  If you call today I would almost guarantee that they have projected releases between 6 AM and midnight. * “Projected Release” means absolutely nothing.*  Other than they will probably generate power sometime during that time period, maybe for 30 minutes, maybe for 12 hours, maybe at
400 cfs, maybe at 2400 cfs, and all points in between.   For example, as of Dec 2010 they are pretty reliably releasing 1200 cfs between 7AM and sometime between 9 & 11 AM, but I wouldn’t bet on them releasing at all tomorrow or Sunday. If you are coming in from out of town to run the Pigeon outside of the guaranteed release season, have a good fall back plan (like French Broad Section 9) because the generation schedule is solely determined by power demand and capacity of the lake.  If it is raining, there is a good chance it will be running, but then everything
else is running so why would you run the Pigeon?”

Guaranteed releases are TU, WE, TH, and SA Noon-6PM between Memorial Day and
Labor Day.  But I don’t have an official reference for that. See also Boating Beta’s Pigeon Release Schedule.


•    OCOEE RIVER, TN – UPPER   Ocoee #3 Dam

•    OCOEE RIVER, TN – MIDDLE   Ocoee #2 Dam

•    GREEN RIVER, NC  800/829- 5253.  If you have an official source, please send it.  Here is Boating Beta’s release schedule.

•    CHEOH, NC  – somebody give me some info!  All I have is Boating Beta’s schedule.