Cool Flatwater paddles scheduled for August

Not everyone can paddle whitewater, but pretty much everyone can do flatwater, and there some great flatwater paddles scheduled for August that everyone should check out.  The highlight will be the Eclipse viewing on Monday, August 21.  This is a once in a lifetime total eclipse and Chattanooga is right in the main path.  See details below on how to see this incredible event from the water.  (And what better place to be, right?)   Contact Eric Fleming ASAP if you want to join him for this amazing paddle.





This is a 6.5-mile Class 1 trip (current and obstacles) on the South Chickamauga Creek from Greysville down to the bottom ramp at Camp Jordan by the pedestrian bridge. Yes, they have put a road in to it now with parking there. Yay! Finally!


It requires a short portage around the Mill dam at Greysville, and a short rocky section that you can see from the take out at Camp Jordan if you want to check it out. A couple of shallow spots but a great creek to run.


We’ll unload at Greysville, run shuttle, and put on. About a 3.5-hour trip.

We’ll be going to the nearby Cracker Barrel afterwards for anyone who wants to join us.

If interested em me by 4 pm on Thursday (3rd) and check your em that night for details.






We’ll meet at 6 pm EST at the Shell mound pavilion at Nickajack Lake. We’ll have a pot luck BBQ dinner and then paddle 1.5 miles over to the bat cave to see them emerging at sunset for a night of bug eating.


Ruthie and I will bring the BBQ and utensils. Please bring a side dish, non-alcohol drinks, a chair, and a white light for paddling.


If interested em me by 4 pm Thursday 17th and check your em that night for details.





As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now you have a chance to see a once in a lifetime total eclipse of the sun on Monday August 21st at 2.31 pm for 2 minutes. Assuming good weather of course, but it’ll still get dark.


The catch is that it’s a 70-mile-wide band that will pass from Oregon to S Carolina that passes S of Knoxville and N of Cleveland. Chattanooga will only get a 90% eclipse. And of course, it’s on a Monday for those of you still at the daily grind!


I-75 is not an option as it’s expected to be total gridlock. But 27 is a 4 lane highway with very little traffic, and Dayton is a perfect place to view it from, including less pollution etc.


We’ll meet at a ramp that only the locals (and me!!) know about on Garrison Rd on Armstrong Slough at 1 pm. We’ll put on and paddle down to a private landing about 20 minutes downstream and meet up with other paddlers there to view the Eclipse. We’ll probably swim also.


Please let me know ASAP if you’re interested in this so that I can let the other group know how many to expect. Thanks.



If you can’t stand the heat, sit in a kayak!

Eric Fleming.