Contact Info about Legacy Members Needed

Do you know any legacy or founding members personally, or know someone else who might?  The 50th Anniversary Committee is trying to contact as many as possible, as well as learn where they are and what they are doing now.  Here is a list of some we would like to find:


1. Victor Barnett

2. Joddy and Suzi Colins

3. Mike Culbertson

4. Pete Dolan

5. Olin Flynn

6. Audrey Goodrich

7. Don Hixson

8. Ray Hoskins

9. Lee Hughes

10. Lee Kay

11. Don Kramer

12. Roger Larson

13. Bob McLelland

14. Lib Napier

15. Brenda Owens

16. Frank Parker

17. Anne Phillips

18. John Picket

19. Bob and Mary Jo Potts

20. Paul Pruett

21. Robert Reeder

22. David Roberts and Lynne Finnell

23. Bob/Betsy Shupp (Schutt? Schupp?)

24. Ann Stahl

25. Dick Wooten


Please contact Rebecca Hendrix if you have information about these members.