Coming Soon: TVCC’s Big Birthday!

Don Bodley, TVCC Founding Member and Tribal Elder recalls that in the late 60’s, “…I got appointed along with Lowell Bennington, safety guy with the Red Cross, and we kind of mutually agreed it might be fun to find more people in the community…we put an ad in the newspaper inviting people to come…we had a downtown meeting with half a dozen people….we started putting out a newsletter, and people showed up…”

That seems like an inauspicious start, but here it is, 50 years later, and we’re still showing up!

If you are not aware, TVCC has a BIG Birthday coming up. We turn 50 in 2017! In order to better celebrate our BIG BIRTHDAY, we need your help. We need ideas on ways to celebrate.

Should we celebrate with dedications, memorials, conservation projects, river access projects, epic paddle trips, an AARP membership, a homecoming…?  IDEAS, anyone?

If you have ideas, and want to get more involved, grab your party hat and contact Katie Larue @  or 423.624.7584 or Rebecca Hendrix @ or 256.599.9703.   Planning starts now to have a celebration worthy of this this great paddling club.