Check out Flatwater Schedule–including River Rescue!

By Eric Fleming, Flatwater Cruisemaster




RIVER RESCUE.    Every year TVA sponsors a River Rescue clean up on land and on the water.  TVCC will be running 2 stations.  For more information, see the TVCC website at




Charleston to Hwy 58 on the HIWASSEE RIVER.   We’ll meet at 9 am at the Charleston ramp on the Hiwassee River for a 12-mile Flatwater paddle.   We’ll run shuttle to the Hwy 58 bridge ramp and then put on. We’ll stop half way for a break at the B+B marina.  You must be able to maintain a 3-mph pace and have a boat at least 12 feet long to do this trip. It is intended for paddlers who prefer a longer and faster paced paddle. This will be about a 5-hour trip plus drive time and shuttle.


I can lend you a boat if you need a longer one.


If interested email me by 4 pm on Friday 6th and check your email that night for details.




N CHICK.  LONGVIEW DR to TN RIVERPARK.   This is basically a 7-mile Flatwater paddle with a few obstacles at the beginning on the new section of the N Chickamauga Creek.  Meet at 10 am at the new Longview Dr. ramp.  We will run shuttle and then paddle down to the TN River Park.  If interested email me by 4 pm on Friday 27th and check your email that night for details.



You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust your sail.