Busy and Fun Spring Member Meeting

By Dian Lawhon w/Photos by Rebecca Hendrix and Perry Taylor.



The 2017 Spring Member Meeting, held May 6th at the Ocoee Rock Creek Pavilion, was a great success in spite of the rain and cold.  Many thanks to John Hubbard who led the team that put together this great meeting with 60 plus TVCCers attending.



In addition to lots of great hamburgers (some veggie), hot dogs, sides, and drinks, the meeting included a very full program.  Highlights include:

  • Presentation of a tandem Funyak with paddles and other gear to East Polk County Rescue  (represented here by Nancy Worley, Wendy king, and Brett laney)  by Meryl Stark, TVCC VP and assisted by Ali Reddington, Club Secretary. The boat was provided jointly by TVCC and Rock Creek to aid in the county’s rescue program.  James Casson from Rock Creek was there to meet some Brett Laney, Mike Worley and Richard Taylor of East Polk County and shake their hands.  This is the second boat presented to East Polk County by TVCC.  The first boat was donated by long time TVCC member, Phyllis Williams.


  • Donation to Rock Creek of three new picnic tables as part of our 50th year activities. John Hubbard took the lead to get some awesome tables and was helped by BG Smith in putting them together.  The presentation to Rock Creek was led by Katie Lurue, Chair for the 50th Anniversary Committee with Rebecca Hendrix, Jim Ledbetter and John Hubbard.


  • Four  TVCC members are on the Jackson team and two of them, Chad Christopher and Brandon Beaty, joined fellow members at the meeting to talk about being on the team and how they were selected.  They also shared some great stories about their experiences. Brandon is a past president of TVCC and Chad is a videographer who has made several videos for TVCC.  Special thanks to Brandon for being the Grill Daddy and Chad for teaching SWR over the weekend. 


  • A short presentation was made by Buck from the Chattanooga Ironman to recruit TVCC participation as support boaters. It must have worked because several showed up about 4:30 am the day of the event and spent about 4 hours on the water helping out.  Here Ali introduces Buck.


  • In true TVCC fashion, we also celebrated a birthday.