Annual Week on the Hiwassee

Annual Week on the Hiwassee River at Gee Creek Campground

Saturday August 20, 2016 to Saturday August 27, 2016


Come join us for a week at Gee Creek Campground for a fun time camping, cooking and canoeing.


You can make reservations for a camp site at Gee Creek Campground for the entire week or just a few days or the weekend. If you have as R.V. or a tent come join us. The weather should be great for camping right on the river. (Generally cooler at night.) We will be base camping at Gee Creek and go out each day to paddle the Hiwassee and other area rivers.


We plan to do some Dutch Oven Cooking so bring your outdoor cooking equipment and join us for some good fun and food. If you don’t have a Dutch oven you can just cook anyway you like. Dutch oven cooking on the river goes well with paddling each day. When we did this before, we had several Dutch oven cooks who did a fantastic job, so bring your oven and they will teach you how to use your Dutch oven cookware. If you don’t want to cook, come anyway. We plan to have a watermelon cutting one afternoon after paddling. Also there is a BBQ restaurant near the campground and we will go to it one night for dinner.


We will paddle somewhere each day, so come and meet new paddling friends. We can paddle the lower Hiwassee and take out at the campground just off the river or we can go to another river in the area. (If you would like to lead a trip, on a river in the area that you know of and have done it before, please let me know and we can include it.) We hope to have a canoe trailer for some of the shuttling depending on how many come. If you have a canoe trailer, please bring it.


We hope to have a camp fire each night so please bring some extra firewood, if you have it. Some of the greatest times are sitting by the campfire and sharing good times and stories. Come ready to tell yours. Even if you can’t camp or paddle with us, come by the campground and sit a spell by the fire.


The agenda will be relaxed and easy going as we can’t get on the Hiwassee until we have good water flow around 1 pm. So we can sleep in late, have a late breakfast and enjoy another cup of coffee before leaving out to paddle.


If you have a 10’ x 10’ or 12’ x 12’ or 10’ x 20’ canopy, please bring it and we will put them up together to eat and cook under to stay out of the weather.


If you are interested in this fun event and would like to attend any part of it, please contact:

Buddy Wise 205-672-9025 at home or email AT