Annual Fall Member Meeting

Come to the meeting Saturday, September 12, at 6:30P.

It will be at O.A.R. rafting company on Welcome Valley Road, same place as the paddle school.

The meeting will be at the pavilion all the way to the back of camping right on the Ocoee River bank.

See the newsletter also.

We will have a keg of beer and pizza.

We will elect officers.

The official slate of officer candidates selected and vetted by the Nominating Committee (Ashley Teel, Don Fletcher, and Rebecca Hendrix) are:

President –Ashley Teel,
VP – LaDawn Wolfe,
AVP – Alllison Bolnick,
Treasurer – Gina Brown and Brian Swafford (each running separately),
Secretary – Allison Reddington,
Newsletter Editor – Meryl Stark,
Conservation Chair – Pat Carver,
Safety Chair – Mike Shillinger,
Webmaster – Stephanie Whiting,
Cruisemaster 1 – Steve Crowell,
Cruisemaster 2 – Stacy Stone,
Cruisemaster 3 – Carolyn Rand and Ben Johnson (as one position together),
Cruisemaster 4 – Ryan Lycan,
Cruisemaster 5 – Eric Fleming

These officers are elected by the TVCC current members attending.  Come and vote.